Recovery Support Functions

Modeled after the National Disaster Recovery Framework, the California Disaster Recovery Framework (CDRF) guides federal, state, local, private and voluntary/nonprofit entities in effectively supporting disaster-impacted jurisdictions to address gaps and rebuild resiliently. The purpose of CDRF is to identify long term recovery solutions and leverage resources after disasters to address the unmet needs of impacted jurisdictions through whole-community engagement. Using a multiagency partnership approach, the CDRF addresses the needs and interests of the stakeholders within the community. Stakeholders can include, but aren’t limited to, business and homeowners, families, children, seniors and individuals with access and functional needs. The Interagency Recovery Coordination program works collaboratively with traditional Stafford Act programs to align resources for long term recovery outcomes.

This unified and collaborative approach is coordinated by the State Disaster Recovery Coordinator (SDRC). The SDRC works in coordination with the Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator (FDRC), Public Assistance, Individual Assistance and Hazard Mitigation to identify and integrate whole community solutions for state, community, individual and family disaster recovery. Six sector-specific State Recovery Support Functions (RSFs) support the jurisdictions by facilitating problem solving, providing technical assistance, improving access to resources, building capacity and promoting community planning.

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Quick Start for County/Municipal RSF Working Groups 


Upcoming Trainings and Grant Opportunities

Community Planning and Capacity Building Resources


CPCB Bulletin – July 2024

Local Disaster Recovery Manager Guidance

Long-Term Recovery Planning Template

Long-Term Recovery Planning Guide – Coming Soon!
Planning for Disaster Recovery Fact Sheet


Community Planning and Capacity Building Webinars

June 20, 2024

Chip Gurkin, EPA: Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities

Elaine Kabala, ESCOG: Eastern Sierra Council of Governments

Ana Budnyk, City of Bishop: Resilient Economic Development Projects

Webinar Recording – Coming soon! 

Presentation Slides

March 14, 2024 

Dana Mosher, FEMA: Community Disaster Resilience Zones

John Chavez, FEMA: Long-Term Recovery Groups

Ryan Derby, Humboldt County: Pre-Disaster Recovery Plans

Webinar Recording 

Presentation Slides

Infrastructure Recovery Resources

The Infrastructure Recovery Support Functions Team provides grant and funding research to support local infrastructure recovery.  

If you have experienced a natural disaster and have unmet infrastructure recovery needs, in order to define your scope of work and determine program eligibility and potential grant funding please fill out this Cal OES

Alternate Funding Research Request Form


Broadband Resource Guide

Indian Falls Community Water System Guide

Microgrid Resource Guide

Strengthening Cyber Security Resources

Water Systems Resource Guide

Community Planning & Capacity Building RSF

The mission of the CPCB RSF is to support local and tribal governments to identify gaps in their recovery capabilities and to assist them to establish recovery solutions. The CPCB CA-RSF coordinates and integrates partner resources and expertise to build local recovery capacities and inclusive community planning efforts.

Economic RSF

The mission of the Economic RSF is to integrate the expertise of the state and federal governments to support and enhance the efforts of local and tribal governments and the private sector; sustain and/or rebuild businesses and employment; and develop economic opportunities that result in sustainable and economically resilient communities after natural and man-made disasters.

Health & Social Services RSF

The mission of the Health and Social Services CA-RSF is to assist locally led recovery efforts in the restoration of public health and environmental health, healthcare, and social services to meet the needs of impacted individuals and communities, including those with access and functional needs.

Housing RSF

The mission of the Housing RSF is to facilitate the integration of the capabilities of the state and federal government, as necessary, to help local and tribal governments address disaster recovery housing issues and coordinate the delivery of available state and federal resources and programs to support the rehabilitation and reconstruction of destroyed and damaged housing and housing-related infrastructure.

Infrastructure Systems RSF

The mission of the Infrastructure Systems CA-RSF is to facilitate the integration of the capabilities of the state and federal government, as necessary, to support local and tribal governments, and other infrastructure owners and operators, and to ensure the capacity of all infrastructure systems aligns with impacted communities’ current and projected demand on its built and virtual environment.

Natural & Cultural Resources RSF

The mission of the NCR CA-RSF is to integrate subject matter experts, assets, and capabilities to support local and tribal governments and communities to address natural and cultural resource recovery and mitigate unavoidable adverse effects.

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