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The contractors listed below have provided information regarding their company, equipment and services. For additional information about a particular contractor, click on the contractor website link to go to their website, or contact a contractor representative with the provided information.

AT&T CALIFORNIA (POSITRON – 5-06-58-11), (PLANTCML – 5-06-58-12)

Whether you manage a PSAP with 2 positions or 70 – or anything in between, AT&T (formerly SBC) is the one-stop connection for California PSAPs. In conjunction with our business partners, PlantCML Equipment and Positron Public Safety Systems, we provide state-of-the-art 911 solutions based upon a core offering of intelligent workstations and controllers. Our solutions are unparalleled – including Intelligent Work Stations, Mapping, MIS, Radio Consoles, Telephone Systems, ACD, Mobile Data Computers, CAD, Logging and Furniture.

AT&T engineers and technicians are skilled troubleshooters and problem solvers. They are trained to work with the latest equipment, and are available 24 hours a day. We are eager to work with you to develop the best solution for your PSAP.

Contact Information: Curt Ghormley, (316) 293-3131 or e-mail


911-INC. (COLORADO) (5-06-58-13)

For over 20 years, 911-Inc. has been a leader in call handling software development for emergency dispatch centers. 911-Inc. solutions include VoIP, mapping, analytics and reporting, resource management, ACD, alert and other features. QuickResponse, the Next Generation and i3 compliant software package, will allow easy management of voice, data and multimedia streams including instant message, text, photo and video. 911-Inc. solutions can be scaled for state-wide, regional, or local PSAPs. 911-Inc. solutions fully integrate with existing systems or utilize partners such as Avaya, Hewlett-Packard, Intrado and Motorola creating end-to-end solutions. 911-Inc. has customers across the U.S. Learn more at

Contact Information: Allen Amis, (303) 426-1911 or e-mail

Jennifer Swaney, (303) 487-5474 or e-mail



Modular Communications System, Inc. (Moducom) manufactures radio and telephone communication control systems. Since 1978, Moducom products have been used extensively in Public Safety and Utility dispatch centers throughout California and North America.

Moducom’s premier product, the Ultra-Com product line, is a Dispatch Communications Console that integrates E911 Telephone, Radio Control and Telephone Logging Recorder operations. Interfaces to CAD and Mapping can also be provided. The system is completely modular. A system purchased for E911 operations can easily be expanded to include radio control at a fraction of the price of adding a separate radio console.

Moducom’s philosophy is to assist in creating a user interface based on the customer’s input and provides the tools, which allow them to change or customize it at any time. Moducom provides free software updates, for the life of the equipment.

Contact Information: Ron Hughen, (970) 731-2483 or e-mail or


MOTOROLA, INC. (5-06-58-15)

Communication and Information Solutions – Motorola E-911 Integrated Solutions Featuring PlantCML. Expand your possibilities…when lives are on the line.

The more you know, the better your options. Your community is depending on your ability to get the right information to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Rapid mobile intelligence is the answer, and Motorola can make it happen. We offer you our expertise, dedication, and innovative spirit….not to mention the world’s most advanced communications and information solutions. Complete. Reliable. Tailored to fit your agency’s unique goals and resources. And backed by the company that has proudly served public safety since 1928.

Motorola is proud to offer the entire portfolio of products and services of PlantCML, to the State of California and the local PSAP agencies.

Contact Information: Julie O’Rourke, (888) 568-0528 or e-mail


PLANT CML (5-06-58-16)

PlantCML is the leading provider of mission critical communication systems. With headquarters in Temecula, California, PlantCML has been providing call center solutions designed to streamline emergency call taking for public safety for more than 35 years. PlantCML provides a suite of end-to-end solutions for more than 3,400 public safety answering points (PSAPs) across the nation, including nearly 350 sites in the State of California.

PlantCML continues to provide the diverse communities of California with the highest quality solutions and technical support services. From the smallest PSAPs to the dual 80-position PSAPs implemented by the Los Angeles Police Department, more public safety organizations in California have turned to PlantCML than any other CPE provider.

Contact Information: Sara Boulger, (951) 719-2100 or e-mail


POSITRON PSS CORP. (5-06-58-17)

Positron specializes in public safety telecommunications and has been manufacturing E9-1-1 equipment since 1983. Today, Positron is the leader in the E9-1-1 Industry, with approximately 3,000 systems worldwide. Positron’s call-taking workstations, Power 911 and Simon, each offer different advantages. Power 911 is a computer-based application with an exhaustive feature set that can be fully integrated with Positron’s other equipment. Simon is a uniquely packaged CTI workstation with extensive built-in capabilities, without the need for networks and associated maintenance tasks. Positron also offers a full suite of other products, including Power MAP, Power CAD, Power RMS and Power Radio. Along with Power 911, they form the Power IWS family of applications, which offers a tightly integrated solution for today’s rigorous emergency call-handling requirements.

Contact information: Roy Halterman, (559) 917-8588 or e-mail



Over the past 20 years and all across the United States, police/medical/fire departments and state/municipal governments rely on Verizon Business E911 Services. Verizon has the track record, the comprehensive service offerings and the national presence to help your organization handle emergencies. Verizon’s unique combination of financial stability and advanced E911 technologies, coupled with a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction are unparalleled in the E911 industry.

When looking at a 911 vendor, it is important that you have all bases covered. Verizon Business can offer you everything you need for a strong, viable 911 center, including:

  • PlantCML Inc. CPE solutions for landline, wireless and VoIP calls
  • E911 Call Center solutions designed to speed emergency call-taking
  • CTI-based E911 answering platforms
  • Mapping – GIS
  • Digital Voice recorders
  • Management Information Systems – MIS
  • PSAP furniture
  • Database Solutions – ALI database administration, MSAG valid records
  • Our philosophy is simple – we hire the best people, partner with the best companies, and work as a team to develop the best recommendations and provide innovative solutions to meet the most demanding needs of PSAPs in California on time, every time.

Contact Information: Frank Leaden, (916) 779-5669 or e-mail


ZETRON, INC. (5-06-58-19)

As one of the approved vendors for the state of California, Zetron is setting industry standards for quality, reliability, and technical support and service.

For 25 years, Zetron Equipment has been helping public safety agencies throughout California deliver more timely, more effective and more efficient services to their communities. Zetron radio dispatch consoles, fire station alerting systems and paging systems are known for their reliability, flexibility, dependability and low cost of ownership.

In recent years, California PSAPs have been enjoying the additional benefits provided by the Zetron Integrator 9-1-1 Suite of products. The Integrator 9-1-1 suite is an integrated computer-telephony system with options that include:

  • Integrator IRR (Instant Recall Recorder)
  • Integrator ACD (Automatic Call Distribution eliminates the need for a PBX)
  • Integrator Map
  • Integrator MIS (Management Information System)
  • Integrator RD (Radio Dispatch)
  • The Integrator 9-1-1 Suite also adheres to all appropriate NENA standards

Contact Information: Bob Connell, (425) 820-6363 x638 or e-mail


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