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Safety Assessment Program

The Safety Assessment Program (SAP) utilizes volunteers and mutual aid resources to provide professional engineers, architects, and certified building inspectors to assist local governments in safety evaluation of their built environment in the aftermath of a disaster. The program is managed by Cal OES, in cooperation with professional organizations. Cal OES Recovery SAP issues registration ID cards to all SAP Evaluators that have successfully completed the program requirements.

Please note that the training guidance below has changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The following Cal OES-led SAP training activities will align with training guidance from CSTI. We strongly encourage our trainers to align with local, state, and federal public health orders when considering any planned in-person SAP training.  Presently, all Cal OES-sponsored SAP training is being conducted virtually.



Between April 20, 2024, and April 24, 2024, an email from VEOCI was sent to all SAP members containing essential instructions that detail how to log into your NEW Veoci account and access your SAP digital ID and Certificate.   

Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the email, this is not a phishing email but rather legitimate and important. 

This platform is now mandatory for all volunteers in order to assist in future SAP disaster evaluations, please see actions required below!

  1. We ask all members submit a new SAP ID headshot after logging in to your new Veoci account. Detailed instructions for this process are provided here: Veoci Headshot Loading Instructions
  2. Please review your profile and update if needed to reflect current contact information.

In the near future the Veoci platform for the Safety Assessment Program will serve several purposes including: self-paced learning, utilizing public ATC 20 digital forms, and facilitating any Cal OES deployments.

New additions due to this program:

  • All SAP members will receive a new digital SAP ID, there will a “support” roll assigned to non-credentialed members.
  • All users should have an SAP Veoci account. If you did not get your Veoci email, please contact
  • During deployments, Cal OES will have the ability to contact all SAP members with a text/email notification to request for volunteers.

Future updates coming:

  • Digital ATC forms for all CA jurisdictions to access/use (August).
  • New SAP Website hosted by Veoci (October).
  • Self-paced evaluator classes to access on Veoci (November).

SAP Membership Renewal- Online Refresher Training

If your SAP Evaluator card has expired within the last 12 months or is about to expire, you can continue your registration in the program by taking this refresher training or any instructor led Evaluator Training. This is our new online refresher training course. You will need to register with the site prior to taking the refresher training.

SAP Evaluators can also update their contact information there. CEU credits are not available for the online refresher course. Once you complete the exam, nothing more is needed on your part. The LMS system will automatically notify Cal OES, who will verify your certification.  If you hold a current accepted certification, we will mail an updated SAP ID card to the address listed for you in the Cal OES database.


Safety Assessment Evaluator Trainings and Webinars:

(Virtual) AIANYS Safety Assessment Program Evaluator Training: Thursday, May 16 & Friday, May 17, 2024, 9:30am-12:30pm EST, both days

Cost:  $90/$110

Platform: Zoom

Registration: Website for Registration

Class Materials: SAP Student Manual Version 18 -NEW

(Virtual) AIA National Safety Assessment Program Evaluator Training: June 26-27, 2024, from 12 - 4pm ET each day

Cost:  $99 for members/ $149 for non-members

Registration: AIA Website for Registration

Class Materials: SAP Student Manual Version 18 -NEW

(Virtual) AIANYS Safety Assessment Program Evaluator Training: Thursday, September 19 & Friday, September 20, 2024, 9:30am-12:30pm EST, both days

Cost:  $90/$110

Platform: Zoom

Registration: Website for Registration

Class Materials: SAP Student Manual Version 18 -NEW

(Virtual) Reoccurring Monthly Virtual SAP Evaluator Training Opportunities- Check website section “Upcoming Classes” for dates and time

Cost:  $50

Hosting Platform: Microsoft Teams

Website for Registration:

Class Materials: SAP Student Manual Version 18 -NEW


SAP Evaluator/Coordinator Trainings and Webinars

This course will provide participants with a basic understanding of how to both conduct evaluations and prepare for/lead a successful SAP response mission. This is a combined class; SAP Coordinators need to understand the role that the Evaluators play when responding to an event.

The participants who complete this training do not need to be licensed or certified in a particular profession to respond as a SAP Coordinator and assist in organizing at a disaster event. However, if you provide a current approved license/certificate you will be issued a SAP Evaluator badge to respond either as an Evaluator or Coordinator,

None scheduled at this time

SAP Trainer Training

California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

This full day training will include the SAP Evaluator Training and Coordinator Trainings presented to demonstrate how to train others in both classes. At the conclusion of the training, all attendees will be given the materials needed to provide SAP trainings and will be included on our Certified Trainer list on the webpage. 

None scheduled at this time, continue to check back for updates.



Special Requirements:


Do You Need to Schedule a SAP Evaluator Team Training?

For any group or agency that would like to coordinate their own SAP Evaluator and/or Coordinator Training event, please see the Authorized List of SAP Trainers and contact one nearby to make arrangements: Authorized List of SAP Trainers by State.


SAP Digital Badge Transition Update Documents- Transition Coming SOON!

Please see all notices regarding the upcoming transition to digital badges for SAP Evaluators and Coordinators

Initial Outreach Email- Active Volunteers Jan 2024

SAP Member contact information updates/ questions on status

We no longer keep a list of SAP Evaluator status online in order to keep member information confidential. Please email any updates or questions on status to :

SAP Documents


Technical Assistance

For questions regarding the SAP Program, please email: