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Law Enforcement
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Mark Baldwin, Assistant Chief

State Search & Rescue Coordinator


The Law Enforcement Branch is charged with the responsibility of coordinating state mutual aid for search and rescue in California. In addition, it receives and coordinates interstate requests under the auspices of the National Search and Rescue Plan. The branch also coordinates all local requests for state and Federal agency assistance. Because search and rescue missions are often life threatening, requests for out-of-county, state or Federal resources can be made directly to CalOES. 

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The Search and Rescue Annex to the Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Plan is a document that explains in detail, the mutual aid plan for search and rescue in California; state and federal organizations involved in search and rescue, their roles and capabilities, and the process for obtaining assistance; and detailed mutual aid guidelines for various disciplines within search and rescue. These “Mutual Aid Guidelines” are published separately to assist local government agencies in planning and preparation for search and rescue operations. The branch also offers P.O.S.T. certified classes for those persons responsible for search and rescue management: “Direction and Control of the Search Function – Search Management Course” & “Direction and Control of the Winter Search Function – Search Management Course” have been offered to law enforcement agencies’ Search and Rescue management personnel for more than 25 years. More than 3000 students have completed this 40 hour supervisory course which provides valuable information on the management of wilderness search operations.


​​For Information regarding the Direction and Control of the Search Function Course and Winter Operations Course, please visit our Training Page.

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​The Annual Peabody Award

Nomination Form

In November of 2005, Mr. Larry Peabody died after a lengthy illness.​ Larry was a dedicated professional volunteer with the State of California and the Office of Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Branch. For over 27 years Larry assisted the OES Law Enforcement Branch with the dispatch coordination of search and rescue canine personnel and resources in all types of SAR missions. In the course of his work with CalOES, Larry assisted in over 6,000 SAR missions. Througout the majority of his affiliation with CalOES, Larry remained available to provide dispatch coordination on a 24-hour, 7 days-a-week posture despite several bouts with major illnesses and without receiving compensation. It is only proper that an annual award be established in Larry's honor that perpetuates his admirable service to the citizens and State of California. Each year, an award will be presented to an individual SAR volunteer or team that performs their SAR duties with professionalism, dedication, and extraordinary excellence.

​Each year, the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (CalOES), Law Enforcement Branch, State Search and Rescue Coordinator will accept nominations for the annual "Peabody Award" from the following to include: any California law enforcement agency, emergency services agency/organization, volunteer organization, and/or civic organization. 

​Nominations for the award must be received by CalOES no later than July 31st of each year. The nomination will cover the period from previous year's August 1st to the year the nomination was submitted. A selection committee will review the submitted nominated candidates and make a final decision. The CalOES State SAR Coordinator will notify the selected candidate and will formally present the award at the CalOES-sponsored SAREX training in the following month of September. 

​Disaster Service Worker (DSW) Volunteer Program

The Disaster Service Worker (DSW) Volunteer Program is designed to provide workers' compensation benefits to volunteers that are injured during disaster and search & rescue related activities. For complete program information and forms, click HERE.



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SAR-USAR MA Guideline MA Guideline 10_14.pdfSAR-USAR MA GuidelineSARMA Guidelines6/8/2016 4:27:21 PM


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