Law Enforcement

Law enforcement unit representation

LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES: If you need immediate assistance, please call the California Warning Center at 916-845-8911, and ask for the Law Enforcement Duty Chief.

Since 1960, the Law Enforcement Branch of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services has provided valuable services to the citizens and visitors of California. From catastrophic disaster response, to securing critical infrastructure throughout the state, the Law Enforcement Branch has answered the call.

The Law Enforcement Branch coordinates with local, state, and federal law enforcement stakeholders in response to incidents and needs throughout the state of California and beyond, to protect lives and property, build capabilities, and support communities for a resilient California. Working directly with all 58 California Sheriffs, the Law Enforcement Branch provides guidance, personnel, and critical resources for agencies to successfully and efficiently management events occurring throughout the state. The California Law Enforcement, Coroner, and Search and Rescue mutual aid programs are a top priority of the branch.

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The Cal OES Law Enforcement Branch coordinates the State Coroner’s Mutual Aid Plan


State and federal law enforcement agencies work together to ensure public safety during emergency activations

Mutual Aid System

The mutual aid system is intended to enable aid to agencies/jurisdictions whose resources have been overwhelmed in an emergency

Public Safety Procurement Program

Cost savings programs for law enforcement and public safety agencies


Become a Search and Rescue volunteer


Search and Rescue Training Courses

Search & Rescue

The Cal OES Law Enforcement Branch coordinates state mutual aid for search and rescue

Law Enforcement Mutual Aid (LEMA) Fund

Reimbursement for Law Enforcement Agencies

Security Support Funding

Reimbursement for Law Enforcement Agencies