Slack Enterprise Grid will support this mission and that of the Fire Integrated Real-Time Intelligence System Program (FIRIS) by enabling clear communication channels that provide real-time incident intelligence to first responders, coordination leaders, law enforcement officers, and others. With this implementation, we will increase the efficiency of first responders and decision-makers to save lives, property, and the environment while rapidly responding to California’s 38 million residents who need us most.


The WhatsApp application is currently the application that provides the California First Responder community and supporting agencies a means to receive Fire Integrated Real Time Intelligence and Information from 2 state of the art aircraft strategically positioned in Southern and Northern California.

As the Fire Integrated Real Time Intelligence System (FIRIS) Program transitions from the Orange County Fire Authority to the State of California, Cal OES has elected to migrate from WhatsApp to a more robust, secure application known as Slack.

The FIRIS Slack Application will provide the following:

1. Incident alerts of emergent incidents (Fire Rescue Mutual Region Specific and statewide channel
2. Wildland Fire Modeling with 3 hour spread projections without fire suppression
3. FIRIS aircraft intel that includes perimeters, videos, and snapshots
4. All hazard Intelligence and Information (earthquake, Tsunami, flood, mud and debris)

FIRIS Slack Signup:

Due to licensing, access is limited to your assigned Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid Regional channel. If you require additional access to the other Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid Regions, you will have option to receive FIRIS intelligence and Information in a Statewide channel.


Application downloads:

IOS-Apple Link

Android Link


To watch for the FIRIS Slack Application Training, please click on the link below:

FIRIS SLACK Training Video


The FIRIS Slack Application will be rolled out in full production to the California Fire Service on June 15, 2023 and the WhatsApp Application will terminated and will no longer be available.



If you have questions about the SLACK Program activities, please use the following address:

We are in the process of setting up training throughout the state. This page will be updated with further information as it becomes available