Next-Gen SCOUT

The SCOUT (Situational Awareness Collaboration Tool) also known as SCOUT 2.0 is being replaced by Next Generation SCOUT (Next-Gen SCOUT). The new system is a web-based application accessed through desktop/laptop/mobile web browsers and will eventually include a mobile application (Field Tool App) run on handheld/tablet devices.

Next-Gen SCOUT application will integrate statewide data events including incidents, location (geospatial), resources, assets, and infrastructure. It will provide near real-time data from the field including road closures, resource location, and video feeds. Next-Gen SCOUT will also be used for predictive fire and other hazards analytics and integrates information layers into the single mapping solution.

NG SCOUT Web Training
The Next-Gen SCOUT web application provides the California First Responder community and supporting agencies a web-based tactical and operational response platform to assist in communication, coordination, and collaboration. The Next-Gen SCOUT web application will provide the following features:

  1. Successfully operate an all hazard incident within your agency/jurisdiction
  2. Common Operating Picture for your agency and other agencies of the California Fire Service Community
  3. Track multiple concurrent incidents within the State of California
  4. Predictive analytics for fire and other hazards
  5. Provide field workers with spotty/or no internet coverage access to use the application and have a synchronizing capability with no data loss
  6. Provide Fire Integrated Real Time Intelligence from two State of the art aircraft.

The Intterra knowledge base provides material for the field tool, please click on the link below:

The Next-Gen SCOUT web application will be implemented and ready for use in next few weeks. The current plan for rolling this tool out to the California Fire Service is:

Schedule Training

    1. Cal OES will be offering multiple online training opportunities where we will provide a demonstration of the technology, and train a group of users. We will also be available for feedback and provide support.
    2. This training is scheduled through June 11, 2023 with additional classes coming soon. To sign up for Next-Gen SCOUT training please click on the link below:

NG SCOUT Training Registration (

For updated Next-Gen SCOUT Information, please visit the California Fire and Rescue Coordination Centers website by clicking the link below:

Identify a Group of Users in Your Agency:

The typical group of users include:

    1. Chief Officers
    2. Fire Captains/Acting Captains
    3. Firefighters
    4. Fire Communication Dispatchers
    5. IMT Members

Thank you again for being willing to be early adopters to this technology, your continued partnership and with your support this tool will enhance the effectiveness of emergency responders throughout California.

I would like to sign up for a SCOUT account

If you have questions about the SCOUT Program activities, please use the following address:

We are in the process of setting up training throughout the state. This page will be updated with further information as it becomes available