California Specialized Training Institute

California Specialized Training Institute
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Welcome to the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI). Under the reorganization of Cal OES, CSTI has evolved into a statewide enterprise with responsibility for supporting training, exercises and education in wide variety of areas including but not limited to; emergency management, public safety, homeland security, hazardous materials, disaster recovery and crisis communications. CSTI is no longer just defined by the San Luis Obispo campus you may be familiar with, but is being developed into a more holistic resource to support your needs whether you are a government, non-profit or private sector organization.

As we move forward you will see CSTI further develop its capabilities to support you by utilizing collaboration, leveraging of funding and resources, partnerships, relevant technology, current information and subject matter expertise in order to enhance capabilities at the individual, organizational, agency and jurisdictional level, whether you participate online, at our facilities or yours.

Our focus is on facilitating and or providing the best possible solutions in training, exercise, and education with an eye on building capabilities, utilizing an all-hazards, total resource approach.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to contact us at: or by calling (805) 549-3535.


Alex Cabassa
Assistant Director, Cal OES
Superintendent, California Specialized Training Institute

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​* To attend all WMD/CBRNE/Terrorism/All Hazards courses using Homeland Security grant funds, please fill out this TRAINING REQUEST FORM and submit it electronically.

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