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Regional Hazardous Materials Response (RHMR) Program

The Regional Hazardous Materials Response Program was implemented in 2018. Cal OES embarked on an effort to increase local emergency response capability in identified “gap” areas by assigning 12 newly purchased Cal OES Type II Hazardous Materials response vehicles to be strategically located in rural and metropolitan fire departments.

Cal OES completed the distribution of the 12 fully equipped Type II hazardous materials response vehicles to local government fire agencies. The assignee agencies entered into a contractual agreement with Cal OES to staff the hazardous materials response vehicles and respond to hazardous materials emergencies within the state upon request.

Cal OES provided funds to train 25 personnel from each agency in hazardous materials and terrorism response and create a sustainment plan to ensure that the agencies would maintain the staffing for response to hazardous materials and terrorism emergencies.

Cal OES funds all vehicle and equipment maintenance expenditures to ensure that the State sponsored hazmat response teams are ready to respond and mitigate any hazmat emergency release.