Hazardous Materials

Cal OES Headquarters Building

The Hazardous Materials Division, under the Cal OES Fire and Rescue Branch, coordinates the statewide implementation of hazardous materials accident prevention and emergency response programs for all types of hazardous materials incidents and threats. In response to any hazardous material emergency, the Division staff is called upon to provide state and local emergency managers with emergency coordination and technical assistance.

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Team Typing Information

Identify and categorize performance capabilities of hazardous materials teams

Spill Release Reporting

Collecting hazardous materials spill information statewide

Regional Hazardous Materials Response (RHMR) Program

Increase local hazardous materials response in strategically located areas and manages reimbursements for Cal OES sponsored hazmat teams

State Emergency Response Commission

Coordinating local emergency planning and community right to know

HazMat Emergency Preparedness Grant

Increase effectiveness in safely and efficiently handling hazardous materials accidents and incidents