Mutual Aid Reimbursement System (MARS)


The Mutual Aid Reimbursement System (MARS) is a web-based application that is managed by Cal OES and utilized by all fire agencies that respond under the California Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid System. The intent of this system is to reimburse local government ordered and requested through the California Fire Assistance Agreement (CFAA). The reimbursement process will be housed on one platform that is easily accessible to Cal OES, the paying entities, and the responding fire agencies. 


Contact Information

Main Fire Phone: (916) 845-8711
Fire Duty Chief: (916) 845-8670

MARS Region VI Train the Trainer

MARS Training Documentation

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Cal OES Fire and Rescue Administrative Staff and Cal OES Chief Officers will provide agencies with hands-on in-person training including interactive scenarios. To aid in the transition of the paper process to the web-based platform, MARS needs to be socialized statewide, reaching all 55,000 fire and support personnel in the state. The scenarios will focus on fire personnel that respond to on-scene incidents.


MARS Overview Invite and Flyer

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California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Fire and Rescue Division is excited to announce the Mutual Aid Reimbursement System (MARS) is now available statewide. This application started with a pilot phase in August 2021 and is expanding in 2023. This new system replaces the current process of reimbursement to California Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid Agencies under the terms of the California Fire Assistance Agreement (CFAA).

“How to” video tutorials

MARS Administrative Rate Screen

MARS Agency Information Screen

MARS Agency Personnel Screen

MARS Agency Summary Screen

MARS Agreement Screen

MARS Approved Personnel Rotation

MARS Attachment A Screen

MARS Expense Claim Tab

MARS F-42 Entries

MARS Invoices Tab

MARS Notifications Screen

MARS Salary Survey Screen

MARS Sign Up

MARS Special Equipment Screen