Funding for Emergency Assistance

The Recovery Operations Section is responsible for overseeing critical disaster funding streams, cost recovery requirements, and debris removal operations. This section manages grant documentation in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, procedures, and policies • Providing reimbursement-related technical assistance to subrecipients, coordinates with FEMA and California Department of Finance (DOF) regarding state and federal financial, programmatic, and administrative requirements, including program analysis and reporting, and collaborates with  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) partners to conduct Applicants’ Briefings to ensure that all required documentation has been provided by subrecipients to support costs claimed.

This section is made up of three (3) subsections—The Recovery Public Assistance (PA) Division, Debris Management Division, and Wildfire Recovery Assistance. Our staff work directly with impacted local governments, state agencies, and private/non-profits (PNPs) to help navigate through federal and state grant processes and support local debris management operations.

Recovery Public Assistance

The Recovery Public Assistance Division provides assistance to state agencies, local governments, special districts, and eligible private non-profit organizations impacted by a disaster in order to achieve a safer future for all California communities.​ The following state and federally funded disaster assistance programs available to state agencies, local governments, special districts, and eligible private non-profit organizations are: California Disaster Assistance Act (CDAA), Federal Disaster Assistance (DR & EM), COVID-19 Assistance, and the ​Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG). Our staff work to ensure that all state and federal support is provided to applicants in an efficient and timely manner in order to assist in recovery from a major disaster or emergency.

Recovery Debris Operations and Management

The Recovery Debris Operations and Management Division supports local government’s management of debris and tree operations. This includes supporting affected jurisdictions—before and after the disaster—in the planning and management of a debris/tree removal operation that may be necessary to eliminate immediate threats to the public, the environment, and property. Our staff provide debris training to local jurisdictions and coordinates with the Recovery Planning Unit to review and support development of local debris management plans, in addition to offering technical assistance to impacted jurisdictions in coordination with the California Department of Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). These services directly assist local jurisdictions establish locally managed debris management operations in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and support compliance with state and federal debris/tree removal reimbursement requirements, when appropriate.

Wildfire Recovery Resources

Emergencies, disasters, hazards, and threats are a part of our work at the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). Preparing for, responding to, and helping Californians recover from them are a part of our DNA. Cal OES is proud to work with local, state, tribal, and federal partners to help Californians get on the road to recovery after an emergency. Learn more about resources and services that may available to those affected by wildfires in California by clicking the link above. This includes housing assistance, rebuilding after a wildfire strikes, state and federal financial disaster assistance, legal assistance, disaster unemployment resources, record replacement, donations, partner toolkits, other essential services, and more. For survivors of the 2021 wildfires, please visit the 2021 Wildfire Siege page to learn about specific help available.