California Wildfire Mitigation Program


I am a Contractor, how do I participate in the Program?

Each participating community has their own specifications and requirements, please select the community you are interested in below to be re-directed to their procurement site.

CWMP Frequently Asked Questions for Contractors

Q: Does all duff and pine needles need to be removed?
A: YES. Combustible ground fuels in Zone 0 and Zone 1 that are dead or dying must be removed per 12 CCR 1299.0 3(a)


Q: What does the program do with the material generated from treatments?
A: ALL materials must be taken off site and disposed of at approved facilities. Wood can be retained as firewood, but it must be stored in Zone 2 or further.


Q: Is the burning of waste material generated from this program allowed as a removal method?
A: NO. Because of the need for permitting and other regulation compliance, our program does not allow for any burning at this time.


Q: Are contractors required to grind logs and stumps?
A: YES. All stumps within 100 feet of the home must be mitigated. In general, this will require grinding the stump to ground level.


Q: Are exterior coatings that are fire rated allowed for use as retrofit measures for the CWMP?
A: NO. The use of paints, coatings, stains, or other surface treatments are not an approved method of protection per California Building Code Chapter 7A.


Q: What building vents are retrofitted in the California Wildfire Mitigation Program?
A: Any opening intended to permit ventilation, either in a horizontal or vertical plane is considered a vent and has a listed retrofit under Chapter 7A. Dryer vents, and makeup air intake vents also have retrofits listed.


Q: Where do I find information on how to perform a vent retrofit?
A: The CWMP has developed a comprehensive list of retrofits including standards on how to perform the retrofits called the California Wildfire Mitigation Program Minimum Quality Standards (CWMP MQS).


Q: How do I determine the natural ventilation requirements for the installation of vent retrofit?
A: Please refer to the CWMP MQS for additional information on natural ventilation requirements.  The program has a requirement that buildings be provided with the required natural or mechanical ventilation after the installation of vent retrofits.


Q: What products and materials do I have to use for the recommended program retrofits?
A: The CWMP MQS outlines program requirements, codes, and standards that apply to each retrofit. The State Fire Marshal’s Building Materials Listing Program (BML) provides a voluntary listing service for products that comply with the California Building Code and California Residential Code.


Q: Where can I find the CWMP MQS?
A: Please contact the participating community managing the project in your area.