California Wildfire Mitigation Program


What Does the California Wildfire Mitigation Program Provide?

  • Financial assistance to support wildfire home hardening for homeowners who qualify for the program. Wildfire home hardening includes retrofitting homes with ignition-resistant materials and creation of defensible space.
  • Community and homeowner education on wildfire home hardening.
  • A framework that can be modeled throughout California communities.
Photos - side by side burn

Project Area Selection

As required by law, the California Wildfire Mitigation Program has developed a criteria and a scoring methodology to prioritize financial assistance provided under the wildfire mitigation program to areas and communities based upon criteria that include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

·       Area and community vulnerability to wildfire.

·       The impact of future climate risk factors on area and community wildfire vulnerability assessments.

·       Factors that lead some populations to experience a greater risk to wildfire, adverse health outcomes, or an inhibited ability to respond to a wildfire, including socioeconomic characteristics of the areas or communities that would be protected by financial assistance. For purposes of this paragraph “relevant socioeconomic characteristics” may include, among other things, data on poverty levels, residents with disabilities, language barriers, residents over 65 or under 5 years of age, and households without a car.

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