406 Mitigation Funding

Lifted bridge showing the mitigation gap between 404 and 406 mitigation projects
During the recovery phase of a federally declared disaster, 406 Public Assistance (PA) Mitigation funding is available for projects that enhance the level of protection to disaster damaged facilities from similar damages in the future. Applicants eligible for permanent work repair projects under FEMA’s Public Assistance (PA) program are eligible for 406 PA Mitigation funds to implement cost-effective mitigation measures to harden the damaged facility rather than repairing it to its pre-disaster design.

In certain instances, an eligible mitigation measure may not be an integral part of the facility. FEMA will consider these exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

How to Identify Mitigation Opportunities for Permanent Work Damages

Eligible Applicants are not required to apply for 406 PA Mitigation funds. During the Public Assistance process, Cal OES assists Applicants to identify mitigation opportunities for permanent work damages and develop cost-effective hazard mitigation measures that can be included in repair projects. The identification of 406 PA Mitigation opportunities is built into the general PA process and is completed concurrent to repair project development. Identified mitigation measures are then presented to Applicants to approve for inclusion into their repair project. 406 PA Mitigation projects are funded with federal and non-federal sources.

Replacement of disaster impacted wood guardrailes posts with steel posts
Before and after erosion control

What 406 Mitigation Projects Are Considered Cost Effective?

406 Mitigation projects are considered cost effective if the mitigation project cost does not exceed 15% of the total project costs. In addition, certain mitigation measures contained in Appendix J of the Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide, Version 4 (FP 104-009-02), are considered cost-effective as long as they don’t exceed 100% of eligible project repair costs.

For 406 mitigation projects where the cost exceeds the two previously referenced criteria above, cost effectiveness may be demonstrated using a benefit cost analysis.

Technical Assistance

For questions and other 406 Hazard Mitigation funding related inquiries, please send an email to DisasterRecovery@caloes.ca.gov