California Emergency Support Functions

California Emergency Support Functions (CA-ESFs) consist of 18 disciplines essential to communities through all phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. At the state level, each CA-ESF is lead by a state agency or department and consist of an alliance of other state agencies, departments, and stakeholders with similar responsibilities. Each CA-ESF is designed to bring together discipline-specific stakeholders at all levels of government to collaborate and function within all phases of emergency management.

Contact information for each Emergency Support Function can be found in the CA-ESF Points of Contact document below.

CA-ESF POC List December 2023

CA-ESF to Federal ESF Crosswalk

CA-ESF Annexes

The CA-ESFs are annexes to the California State Emergency Plan. Each annex describes the CA-ESF’s organizational structure listing the state agencies and departments grouped within that function, the concept of coordination for the organizational structure, and the roles and responsibilities expected of CA-ESF’s members. Updated annexes are posted below, if a current annex is unavailable, the most current Executive Summary for that annex is listed.

CA-ESF Workgroup

Vanessa Vazquez

Vanessa Vazquez

Emergency Services Coordinator

Office: (916) 364-4562