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There two Mutual Aid Regions, I and VI, within the Southern Administrative Region. Within the 11 counties of the region, there are 226 incorporated cities, with a total population of all cities and counties of approximately 22,885,880.

Southern Regions geography is vast and varied with terrain consisting of ocean/land interface, valley floors, agricultural centers, watershed areas, foothill regions, mountain range areas and high desert. The region boasts the largest population center of the state (Los Angeles County), the largest county by size in the nation (San Bernardino County), and two of the ten most populous cities in the nation (Los Angeles and San Diego).   

Along with such diverse terrain and population densities, Southern Region presents with its own set of challenges and threats that affect California. Those vulnerabilities include: ​ earthquakes, tsunami, wildfires, drought, river and flash flooding, dam and levee failures, pestilence, pandemic, terrorism, radiological hazards, and volcanoes.

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Next MARAC Meeting: Thursday January 27th, 2022




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