Radio Communications Radio Shops & Areas

​Communications shops are part of the Operations Section and are divided into areas throughout the state. The listing below is arranged by these areas which are shown on the map.

Radio Communications Radio Shops & Areas Documents

For communications maintenance or service, you may call the shop directly or the 24 hour Maintenance Hotline toll free number at 888-657-6577 or our local number at 916-636-3840.

Some of the shops are staffed by only one technician who may not be immediately available to take your call. If that is the case, you may either:

  • Leave a message on the shop answering machine,
  • Call the associated Area Office for service, or
  • Call the Maintenance Hotline.

Outside of normal business hours, call the Maintenance Hotline.



Toll Free Phone: 888-657-6577

Local Public Phone: 916-636-3840