Disaster Logistics

Cal OE disaster logistics truck

What does disaster logistics do?

Disaster Logistics is responsible for building logistical capabilities across the state, so that we can store, transport, and deliver supplies in the most efficient manner possible. We collaborate with local, state, and federal emergency management partners to provide a truly integrated approach to disaster logistics.

Our mission is to provide timely logistical services and support for the people of California during emergencies. Cal OES Disaster Logistics works tirelessly to respond to various emergencies and disasters throughout California. Our team has also proudly supported various humanitarian efforts throughout the nation and abroad.

Ron Williams, Branch Manager

Ron Williams, Branch Manager

Disaster Logistics Section

Office: (916) 845-8114
Email: ron.williams@caloes.ca.gov

Justin Milami, Branch Chief

Justin Milami, Branch Chief

Disaster Logistics – External Support Branch

Office: (916) 845-8123
Email: justin.milami@caloes.ca.gov

VACANT, Branch Chief

VACANT, Branch Chief

Disaster Logistics Warehouse and Stockpile Operations

Office: TBD
Email: TBD

Disaster Logistics Library

Standard Operating Procedures

The following documents are the foundation of the disaster logistics branch and how DL operates across multiple domains to support California’s population during disasters.

Logistics Staging Areas (2024)

Distribution Management Plan (2023)

Field Forms

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