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Public Safety Communications

Public Safety Communications (PSC) is dedicated to the preservation and protection of human life and safety by delivering reliable and dependable communication services, allowing California’s public safety agencies to keep connected during times of crisis.

The Technical Services Branch provides a variety of services to PSC and the public safety agencies it serves. The Branch oversees the California Public Safety Microwave Network (CAPSNET), licensing of public safety radio spectrum, and a host of ancillary services that support PSC’s service delivery. The Branch creates an open forum for public safety agencies to influence the implementation of public safety communications systems that facilitate interoperability through the Public Safety Radio Strategic Planning Committee (PSRSPC).


The Technical Services Branch strives to provide resilient and reliable microwave network solutions and ancillary services that support PSC and the public safety agencies it serves. In support of this mission:

  • Microwave engineering sets the strategic direction for CAPSNET and implements innovative technology to meet the performance needs of public safety agencies

  • Engineers interface with the FCC to manage and license public safety radio spectrum

  • Specialized engineers conduct environmental and compliance testing of radio equipment

  • Support services staff manage vault space agreements, cost recovery, employee development training, procedure documentation, form development and revision, drafting services, and materials management


  • Promote and foster collaboration within PSC for the services the Branch provides

  • Support PSC and public safety agencies as a source for microwave networking expertise

  • Build a workforce trained in new and existing technologies and support employee development through formal training

  • Ensure compliant usage of public safety radio spectrum and mitigate radio inference within shared communications facilities

  • Provide a source of expertise in specification, environmental, and compliance testing of new communications technologies

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Technical Services Branch

601 Sequoia Pacific Blvd
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Main: (916) 657 – 9405


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