Public Safety Communications

Public Safety Communications


Public Safety Communications (PSC) serves the State of California by providing public safety communications to the State's first responders and oversight of the 9-1-1 system to the People of California. The PSC is dedicated to the preservation and protection of human life and public safety by delivering reliable and dependable communication services keeping the public connected during times of crisis.



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About the Public Safety Communications

​Established on September 19, 1947; Public Safety Communications is responsible for design, installation, maintenance and repair of the statewide microwave network and public safety radio communications systems used by the State’s public safety agencies’ first responders on a 24 hours/7 days a week/365 days a year basis. PSC is responsible for the administration and oversight of the State Emergency Telephone Number Account (SETNA) used to fund 9-1-1 in California, and for the design development of the statewide network that supports delivery of 9-1-1 calls to the State’s 452 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPS). The Public Safety Communications also serves as California’s point of contact for the design and development of the National First Responders Network (FirstNet) that is being designed and implemented to provide broadband data to the emergency service personnel on a nationwide basis.

Our Vision is to see quality government through successful telecommunications.

Our Mission is to ensure that quality telecommunications services and commodities are provided to all state agencies in the most cost-effective, efficient, and timely manner possible. This includes maximizing the use of state resources, and the consolidation and joint use of telecommunications systems and services where operationally, technically, and economically feasible.

California citizens and government agencies depend upon state telecommunication systems to conduct routine business and obtain assistance during emergencies. With excellent customer service in mind, about 500 dedicated people statewide in the Public Safety Communications work behind the scenes in three Branches to ensure that these essential systems are there when needed.

These Branches are:

  • California 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Branch

              Phone: (916) 894-5007

  • Radio Communications Branch

              Phone: (916) 894-5209

  • Technical Services Branch

              Phone: (916) 894-5041

​Office Location

601 Sequoia Pacific Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95811-0231
Phone: (916) 894-5209


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