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​Larry Collins, Deputy Chief

Special Operations/Hazardous Materials
Phone: (916) 845-8751
Fax: (916) 845-8396

​Vacant, Assistant Chief

Special Operations
Phone: (619) 381-7800
Fax: (916) 845-8396
Jack Harrah,  Senior Emergency Services Coordinator
Hazardous Materials
Phone: (916) 845-8759
Fax: (916) 845-8734
​Brian Abeel, Senior Emergency Services Coordinator
Hazardous Materials
Phone:  (916) 845-8768
Fax: (916) 845-8734
Trevor Anderson, Senior Emergency Services Coordinator
Hazardous Materials
Phone: (916) 845-8788
​Fax: (916) 845-8734




Hazardous Materials Section News / Updates


2016 Proposed CalARP Regulations - additional petroleum refinery requirements from Interagency Working Group on Refinery Safety - will form a new Article 6.5 Program 4. Comments to jack.harrah@caloes.ca.gov - SUBJECT LINE: "Cal ARP Comments."




All sections within California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 19, Division 2, Chapter 4, Hazardous Material Release Reporting, Inventory, and Response Plans have been renumbered. This change was necessary because Senate Bill 84 (2015) added Article 3.9 (commencing with Section 8574.30) to Government Code Title 2, Division 1, Chapter 7, Regional Railroad Accident Preparedness and Immediate Response. Cal OES is required to implement regulations under Article 3.9. Those new regulations will be added to CCR, Title 19, Division 2 as Chapter 4.1, immediately following the renumbered Chapter 4. The Chapter 4 section renumbering does not materially alter any requirement, right, responsibility, condition, prescription, or other regulatory element of any California Code of Regulations provision. For more information regarding the renumbering, please refer to the following document:



The Regional Railroad Accident Preparedness and Immediate Response Fund Advisory Committee met on April 18, 2016 at Cal OES Headquarters meeting. Handouts for this meeting are available for download on the Cal OES HazMat by Rail web page.



Cal OES Fire and Rescue and Hazardous Material is currently in the process of developing a Regional Hazardous Materials Program that will be similar to the Cal OES Fire Engine Program. The program is intended to provide additional response capability and fill in the gaps across the state where there is limited or no response capability for Hazardous Materials by Rail. For more information regarding the Cal OES Type II apparatus, please refer to the following documents:

For more information regarding the HazMat by Rail Program, please visit the Cal OES HazMat by Rail web page.


The Hazardous Materials (HazMat) section, under Cal OES Fire and Rescue Division, coordinates statewide implementation of hazardous materials accident prevention and emergency response programs for all types of hazardous materials incidents and threats. In response to any hazardous materials emergency, the Section staff is called upon to provide state and local emergency managers with emergency coordination and technical assistance. Programs within the HazMat Section include:



2016 ERG availablehttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/2016 ERG available 05-16.pdf2016 ERG availableHazMat - ERGs5/26/2016 3:31:57 PM
HazMat Incident Contingency Plan - HMICPhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/HazMat Incident Contingency Plan - HMICP.pdfHazMat Incident Contingency Plan - HMICPHazardous Material (HazMat) Incident Contingency Plan - HMICP for State Toxic Disaster PlanningHazMat - HMICP9/17/2015 5:57:09 PM
HazMat Tool Kit Changeshttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/HazMat Tool Kit Changes - 2014.pdfHazMat Tool Kit ChangesCover sheet describing changes to the HazMat Tool KitHazMat - HazMat Tool Kit9/17/2015 6:29:17 PM
HazMat Tool Kit Part 1 - Introhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/HazMat Tool Kit Part 1 - Intro (January 2014).pdfHazMat Tool Kit Part 1 - IntroPart One provides background information on the Tool Kit, including its purpose, who uses it and when it’s used, objectives, and kinds of toxic substances encountered in emergency response within the State of California.HazMat - HazMat Tool Kit9/17/2015 6:29:30 PM
HazMat Tool Kit Part 2 - COPhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/HazMat Tool Kit Part 2 - COP (January 2014).pdfHazMat Tool Kit Part 2 - COPPart Two contains the “Concept of Operations”.HazMat - HazMat Tool Kit9/17/2015 6:29:41 PM
HazMat Tool Kit Part 3 - RR http://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/HazMat Tool Kit Part 3 - RR (January 2014) V1 2.pdfHazMat Tool Kit Part 3 - RR Part Three contains a description of agency roles and responsibilities, including interagency, state, local, federal, tribal, and non-governmental agencies, and the resources and support that are available during hazardous materials emergencies.HazMat - HazMat Tool Kit9/17/2015 6:29:56 PM
HazMat Tool Kit Part 4 - Attachments http://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/HazMat Tool Kit Part 4 - Attachments (January 2014).pdfHazMat Tool Kit Part 4 - Attachments Part Four consists of Attachments.HazMat - HazMat Tool Kit9/17/2015 6:30:14 PM
Cal OES HazMat Legislative Updatehttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/Cal OES HazMat Legislative Update.pdfCal OES HazMat Legislative UpdateLegislative Bills that CalOES HazMat is trackingHazMat - Legislative Update11/7/2017 2:12:07 AM
Cal OES HazMat Section Updatehttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/Cal OES HazMat Section Update.pdfCal OES HazMat Section UpdateCal OES HazMat Section's Summary Report UpdateHazMat - Section's Summary Update11/7/2017 2:11:39 AM


Regional Training
Available to provide regional training on Business Plan, Area Plan, Spill Release Reporting, and CalARP Program Basics, intermediate, and advance training (minimum of 20 people required)

Technical Assistance
Available to provide Business Plan, Area Plan, Spill Release Reporting, and CalARP technical assistance at individual CUPA offices, and/or by phone or email.

For questions contact Fred Mehr, phone: (916) 845-8754 or email: fred.mehr@caloes.ca.gov




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