Hazardous Materials Training Program

California Specialized Training Institute
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Picture of CSTI Hazmat Training in Hazmat Suit

Hazardous Materials Training Program, The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services Training Division and the California Specialized Training Institute (Cal OES/ CSTI ) is considered the nation’s premier training venue in the area of Hazardous Materials response training and education. CSTI is authorized under Government Code §8574.20 (e) to provide a single coordinated standardized curriculum which CSTI has developed to train and certify Hazmat outreach instructors. There are currently 2,000+ instructors certified under CSTI’s outreach program.

CSTI’s Hazardous Materials courses are comprehensive and exceed national training standards in the field of Hazmat response training. Standards for the Hazmat training program are found both in the Federal Code of Regulations and in the California Code of Regulations. Over 280,000 responders have graduated from CSTI courses since the program began in 1989.

Hazardous Materials Outreach Forms, Curriculum and Support Material

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HazMat History

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​LEPC Contacts

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Chairs
California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) Staff

HMEP Planning Grant Administrator: Erika Olsen  (916) 845-8765,  erika.olsen@caloes.ca.gov

CSTI HMEP Training Grant Coordinator: (805) 594-2114
CSTI Training Liaison: Jacob Volkov (805) 549-2123, jacob.volkov@caloes.ca.gov



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