Public Safety Procurement Program

Law Enforcement

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​OUR VISION:   Saving Money... Saving Lives...


OUR MISSION: ​ To provide cost-effective procurement opportunities for California's Public Safety Agencies to obtain the materials necessary to serve and protect the people of California.


OUR VALUES:  Courage: to make the right decisions 
                                   Professionalism: in the performance of our duties
                                   Service: quality "day in, day out"
                                   Partnership: maintaining and developing
                                   Pride: in who we are and what we do


​The California Public Safety Procurement Section manages Federal programs that aid state and local agencies in their Counter Drug, Homeland Security, Emergency Response and Law Enforcement efforts:


The LESO Program (formerly 1033 Program)

This program allows state and local law enforcement agencies to acquire excess Department of Defense (DoD) property that supports their law enforcement activities.


​The 1122 Program

​This program allows state and local governmental agencies to access federal purchasing channels in support of  their Counter Drug, Homeland Security and Emergency Response efforts.


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