California Disaster Assistance Act

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​California Disaster Assistance Act (CDAA) picture of capital

The California Disaster Assistance Act (CDAA) authorizes the Director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) to administer a disaster assistance program that provides financial assistance from the state for costs incurred by local governments as a result of a disaster event. Funding for the repair, restoration, or replacement of public real property damaged or destroyed by a disaster is made available when the Director concurs with a local emergency proclamation requesting state disaster assistance. The program also provides for the reimbursement of local government costs associated with certain emergency activities undertaken in response to a state of emergency proclaimed by the Governor. In addition, the program may provide matching fund assistance for cost sharing required under federal public assistance programs in response to a Presidential Major Disaster or Emergency Declaration. The implementing regulations for CDAA can be found in Title 19 of the California Code of Regulations, Chapter 6.

​Eligible Costs:

In general, the state share is no more than 75 percent of the following eligible costs

  • Overtime and associated wage additive costs for emergency response personnel;

  • Actual travel and per diem;

  • Supplies, materials, and equipment;

  • Repair, permanent restoration, and replacement costs for public facilities;

  • The cost of basic engineering services when necessary for construction projects;

  • Indirect and administrative costs (10% of total approved state share);

  • Costs for work performed under interagency assistance agreements for which an eligible applicant is legally obligated to pay; and

  • The local cost share required under federal public assistance programs.

​Eligible Applicants

The state Public Assistance Program provides funding to cities, counties, special districts, school districts, community colleges, and certain private nonprofit organizations in the event of a state disaster.


Mitigation Measures

Section 8686.4 of the Government Code, when the Director determines there are mitigation measures that are cost-effective and substantially reduce the risk of future damage, hardship, loss, or suffering in an area where a state of emergency has been proclaimed by the Governor, the Director may authorize the implementation or replacement of mitigation measures.


Private Non-Profit Organizations

Allows certain eligible Private Nonprofits (PNP) or an Intermediary PNP applicant to receive state assistance for extraordinary costs incurred while providing assistance at the request of local agencies during a state disaster event.


Debris Management

It is important for local governments to be familiar with state and federal eligibility and reasonable costs guidelines. Debris planning allows communities to be better prepared for a disaster by identifying debris collection and disposal sites, identifying potential debris contractors, and preparing debris removal contracts in advance of a disaster.



provides subject matter expertise with regard to state and federal environmental and historic laws/regulations.  It is the responsibility of the applicants to be familiar and comply with theses laws and regulatons.

​Steps of The CDAA Process:picture of california sign

  • Initial Damage Estimates (IDE) 
  • State Assessment of IDE 
  • Director's Concurrence or Governor’s Proclamation
  • Applicants' Briefing
  • Submission of Project Application by Applicant
  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Project Formulation and Cost Estimating
  • Project Review and Validation
  • Obligation of Funds
  • Project Completion
  • Final Claim Process
  • Closeout



Designation of Applicant's Agent Resolution for Non-State Agencies (Cal OES 130) OES 130.pdfDesignation of Applicant's Agent Resolution for Non-State Agencies (Cal OES 130)Must be renewed every three (3) years. Recovery Forms11/8/2019 10:07:52 PM
List of Projects (Cal OES 95) OES 95 - List Of Projects.xlsList of Projects (Cal OES 95)Used to submit an applicant's list of projects for all disaster eventsRecovery Forms7/6/2021 9:49:25 PM
List of Projects (Cal OES 95) of Cal EMA 95 List Of Projects.xlsList of Projects (Cal OES 95)Used to submit an applicant's list of projects for all disaster eventsRecovery Forms1/24/2018 10:26:18 PM






What is discussed at an Applicants' BriefingWhat is discussed at an Applicants' Briefing<p>Applicants' Briefings cover topics such as application processing, eligiblility requirements, cost documentation guidance, record keeping, audit requirements, and deadline dates.  </p>
Who do I call to track down a payment due to us?Who do I call to track down a payment due to us?<p>​Public Assistance Grants Processing Unit at (916) 845-8110</p>


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