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2021-22 County Victim Services (XC) Program RFAThe purpose of the XC Program is to provide federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding to counties across California, and to the City of Los Angeles, to help each fill victim service gaps/needs.Criminal Justice Programs$17,837,050454
2021-22 Law Enforcement Training (PO) Program RFAThe purpose of the PO Program is to train law enforcement personnel in the areas of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and culturally specific dynamics as it relates to these crimes.Criminal Justice Programs$415,523458
2021-22 Unserved/Underserved Child and Youth Advocacy (XY) Program RFPThe purpose of the XY Program is to provide advocacy and support services to unserved/underserved child and youth victims of crime. This can be accomplished by maintaining and/or enhancing the existing efforts to commit staff time to specifically address the needs of the identified unserved/underserved child and youth victim population, hiring staff that reflects that population, training staff on the cultural norms of the population, and/or increasing outreach efforts.Underserved Programs$2,522,000461
2021-22 Child Sexual Abuse Treatment (CS) Program RFAThe purpose of the CS Program is to provide comprehensive treatment services to children under the age of 18 who are victims of sexual abuse and/or sexual exploitation. Services may also be provided to the child victim’s family members to aid in the child’s recovery.Children's Programs$688,710460
2021-22 Victim Notification (VT) Program RFAThe purpose of the VT Program is to provide appeal notification to victims and their families, as well as assistance, support, resources, and outreach in capital and non-capital appeals.Criminal Justice Programs$321,360445



VSPS Branch Federal Fund Information Guide Branch Federal Fund Information Guide.docxVSPS Branch Federal Fund Information GuideRequest for Proposal (RFP) Process/Overview10/16/2019 11:28:08 PM
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