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2019-20 Campus Sexual Assault (CT) Program RFPThe purpose of the CT Program is to create a comprehensive coordinated community response that is victim-centered, enhances victim safety (regardless if they report the crime to law enforcement or other investigatory bodies), provides confidential services to sexual assault victims, holds offenders accountable, and incudes outreach activities. Sexual Assault Programs$3,800,000288
2019-20 Native American Child Abuse Treatment (NA) ProgramThe NA Program is designed to fund established child abuse treatment agencies (i.e., Native American tribes/organizations, private nonprofits, or community-based organizations) having a minimum of two years of experience providing child abuse treatment services to Native American children in California. The NA Program utilizes highly qualified therapists to provide psychotherapy services to Native American child victims of crime, abuse, and/or neglect.RFA$1,523,000287
2019-20 Improvement to Delivery of Victim Services (IS) Program RFAThe IS Program funds the California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB) to provide improvements to the delivery of services to crime victims. The Program will provide trauma-informed direct services, conduct educational campaigns and public awareness concerning online access to victim compensation, and acquire technology that will facilitate the delivery of victim compensation services in various settings.RFA$2,000,000285
2019-20 Statewide Domestic Violence Prevention Resource Center (PV) Program RFAThe purpose of the PV Program is to: (a) establish a resource for the collection, retention, and distribution of educational materials related to domestic violence and/or family violence and its prevention, and (b) provide training and ongoing technical assistance to Subrecipients of the Cal OES Family Violence Prevention (FX) Program.RFA$120,000289
2019-20 Specialized Emergency Housing (KE) Program RFAThe purpose of the KE Program is to maintain and expand emergency shelter and emergency housing assistance resources in California, providing specialized services for victims of crime. RFA$9,500,000284



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