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Next-Generation (NG) SCOUT (Situation Awareness and Collaboration Tool) is a multi-platform application in development for California's first responder community to provide situational awareness and collaboration support during emergencies. NG SCOUT will be used by state and local government agencies to coordinate incident management for all hazards. 

NG SCOUT is a completely new and cutting-edge technology platform that provides enhanced capabilities to agencies.

All fire agencies across the state are invited to become initial users of the platform. Please reach out to if your agency would like to test the latest technology and help develop the future of emergency response and situational awareness in California.


The Situation Awareness and Collaboration Tool (SCOUT) was initially deployed in April 2016 by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) in partnership with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) and through strategic partnership with the Department of Homeland Security’s Science & Technology Directorate (DHS S&T).
SCOUT provides an information sharing environment for small to extreme scale homeland security and emergency management incidents. It provides the California first responder community and supporting agencies a web-based tactical and operational response platform to assist in communication, coordination, and collaboration within incident management for all hazards, whether natural or human-made.

Authorized users are able to view, search and add relevant tactical incident information for a variety of incident types, including but not limited to wild land fires, floods, search & rescue missions, special events, earthquakes and homeland security incidents. SCOUT also integrates incident information with other relevant geographical information, such as weather conditions, road conditions, utilities, census information, known hazards, and government boundaries.

California government agencies, or sponsored non-government agencies with a public safety or emergency management mission are eligible to apply. Agencies interested in participating in SCOUT may email



SCOUT FAQ Sheet SCOUT FAQ Sheet.pdfSCOUT FAQ SheetAbout SCOUT9/3/2019 5:22:00 PM
SCOUT Concept of Operations SCOUT Concept of Operations.pdfSCOUT Concept of OperationsConcept of Operations for how to utilize the SCOUT platform in California.About SCOUT9/3/2019 5:22:19 PM
SCOUT Announcement Letter NICS to SCOUT Announcement.pdfSCOUT Announcement LetterOES Director Mark S. Ghilarducci and CALFIRE Director Ken Pimlott announce the Situation Awareness & Collaboration Tool (SCOUT).About SCOUT9/3/2019 5:25:15 PM
2017 SCOUT Charter SCOUT Charter_signed.pdf2017 SCOUT CharterThe SCOUT Charter establishes the Situation Awareness and Collaboration Tool (SCOUT) Partnership for the State of California and provides the governance structure for managing the statewide usage of the SCOUT platform.Additional Documentation9/3/2019 5:24:09 PM
SCOUT Operational & Technical Support Plan SCOUT Support Plan.pdfSCOUT Operational & Technical Support PlanThis document defines the operational & technical support plan for SCOUT use in the State of California. Additional Documentation9/3/2019 5:24:20 PM
DHS S&T Memorandum_NICS Operational Transition DHS ST Memorandum_ NICS Operational Transition.pdfDHS S&T Memorandum_NICS Operational TransitionDHS Science & Technology First Responders Group announces the transition of NICS to an operational capability for emergency responders in California, Victoria Australia, and the Federal Geospatial Information Infrastructure (Fall 2016).Additional Documentation9/3/2019 5:24:30 PM
SCOUT Steering Committee Membership Approved June 2019 Steering Committee Announcement JUNE 2019.pdfSCOUT Steering Committee Membership Approved June 2019We are pleased to announce the members of the inaugural SCOUT Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is comprised of agency representatives and technical experts selected to make recommendations from across the SCOUT user base. Announcement7/1/2019 5:48:57 PM
Synchronization and Collaborations SCOUT Operational Update.pdfSynchronization and Collaborations Synchronization and Collaborations Operational Update Announcement10/16/2019 9:58:22 PM
SCOUT Basic User Training Basic User Training.pptxSCOUT Basic User TrainingBasic user training cirriculum for certified SCOUT instructors.Training and Guides9/3/2019 5:22:39 PM
Import/Export Quick Guide for the SCOUT GIS User Import-Export Quick Guide for the SCOUT GIS User.pdfImport/Export Quick Guide for the SCOUT GIS UserThe Import/Export Quick Guide provides helpful information on how to successfully import and export data within SCOUT, including known issues and tips and tricks for finicky files.Training and Guides9/3/2019 5:22:48 PM
SCOUT iOS Mobile App Quick Guide SCOUT iOS Mobile App Quick Guide.pdfSCOUT iOS Mobile App Quick GuideThe iOS Mobile App Quick Guide provides information on the app's core capabilities, how to download, configure and use the app, and important information on known limitations.Training and Guides9/3/2019 5:22:56 PM
SCOUT Issue Escalation Matrix SCOUT Issue Escalation Matrix_Final.pdfSCOUT Issue Escalation MatrixThe Issue Escalation Matrix provides guidance to SCOUT Administrators on how to properly assess, prioritize and submit technical support issues.Training and Guides9/3/2019 5:23:08 PM
SCOUT Transitioning to Phase 3 SCOUT Transitioning to Phase 3 Announcement_Final.pdfSCOUT Transitioning to Phase 3SCOUT Executive Committee approved transitioning to Phase 3 of the original SCOUT deployment plan during their March 5th meeting. Phase 3 is the final deployment phase and opens SCOUT participation to to all eligible agencies in California.Updates9/3/2019 5:23:23 PM
SCOUT Sustainable Funding Model Announcement SCOUT Sustainable Funding Model Announcement.pdfSCOUT Sustainable Funding Model AnnouncementExplains the SCOUT Sustainable Funding Model and earliest effective date.Updates9/3/2019 5:23:36 PM
New SCOUT Training Environment Announcement SCOUT Training Environment Announcement.pdfNew SCOUT Training Environment AnnouncementAnnouncement for the new SCOUT Training Environment and Training Environment instructions for SCOUT Administrators.Updates9/3/2019 5:23:51 PM

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