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​The Cal OES Engineering Geologist provides technical assistance to program divisions within the agency.  The duties of the engineering geologist include evaluating geotechnical work plans, making recommendations on geologic investigative techniques, overseeing and conducting field activities and reviewing and analyzing geologic reports. The engineering geologist is licensed as a Certified Engineering Geologist and works with other engineers and geologists, and seismologists and scientists from federal, state and local government as well as professionals from the private sector.

​Civil Engineer

The Associate Civil Engineering (ACE) provides technical assistance to program divisions within Cal OES.  Cal OES ACE also coordinates Recovery damage assessments with FEMA for the purpose of obtaining federal major disaster declarations. The Cal OES Engineer also provides coordination, training, mobilization and program support for the California Safety Assessment Program. 


Cal OES Slope Stability.pdf  There are some inexpensive and relatively easy steps that can be taken to increase slope stability and decrease the likelihood of a mass wasting event such as a landslide. This flyer describes some simple methods that can help to stabilize slopes. 



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