MyHazards Internet Mapping Tool

Hazard Mitigation


MyHazards is an internet-mapping tool for the California public to discover major natural and man-made hazards in their area and learn steps to reduce personal risk. By identifying local risk, individuals will increase their knowledge about natural disasters and then apply preparedness efforts. MyHazards supports the Cal OES mission to save lives, preserve property, and protect the environment.

The target audience is California residents, teachers and students, business owners, real estate professionals, tourists traveling to California, and military personnel stationed in California.

Enter a California location (street address, city, county, zip code, landmark, or point of interest) into the search bar or select a location on the interactive map. Results appear under each of the hazard tabs. There, you can learn more about the risk severity for each type of hazard. You will also receive a checklist of required, recommended, or optional actions for each hazard; additional explanations of the hazard; preparedness materials; and/or links to resources.

MyHazards launched in 2008 and won the award of “Coolest Website” from the California Chief Information Officer.

If you have questions regarding MyHazards, contact the Mitigation Planning Division at:


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