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2020 California Adaptation Planning Guide


2020 Update

The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services is pleased to present the 2020 update of the Adaptation Planning Guide! 

Since the first release of the Adaptation Planning Guide in 2012, California's adaptation program has progressed to include the Adaptation Clearinghouse hosted by the Governor's Office of Planning and Research; the Safeguarding California Plan: 2018 Update; California's Fourth Climate Change Assessment; and Cal-Adapt, an interactive tool that helps users assess their climate risk.  The Adaptation Planning Guide adds to California's toolkit as both a document and a web-based platform within the Adaptation Clearinghouse.


The California Adaptation Planning Guide, or APG, is designed to support local government, regional organizations, and climate collaborative groups to integrate best practices and current science into their adaptation planning efforts.

Individual communities may choose to follow this framework, or they may organize their adaptation efforts differently.  All topics may not be relevant to all communities.  Regardless of the preferred organizing structure, this APG recommends an approach that integrates climate adaptation and resilience across sectors.

The APG provides helpful resources to local governments as they comply with state requirements for local adaptation planning, and provides recommendations and advice on community-level climate change adaptation planning.

Adaptation Planning Guide x Adaptation Clearinghouse

The online version of the Adaptation Planning Guide is available at  Integration with the Adaptation Clearinghouse ensures that the APG is not only a plan or document, but also an online toolkit. The State of California's Adaptation Clearinghouse is a centralized collection of adaptation and resilience resources. The APG has its own section on the Clearinghouse, merging live and updated links to resources, case studies, and best practices. Resources already on the Clearinghouse will be tagged to reference the specific APG phase they fit into where applicable, thus integrating the APG's methodology and framework for adaptation planning process across the Clearinghouse.

Visit the Adaptation Clearinghouse and explore the online Adaptation Planning Guide.

The updated Adaptation Clearinghouse now includes:

  • The 2020 CalOES updated version of the California Adaptation Planning Guide, complete with interactive features, templates, tools, and more

  • Updated and streamlined Search page

  • The all-new "Find a Tool" feature for finding and comparing decision-support tools

  • Climate impact information and adaptation strategies organized by Topic (Agriculture, Water, etc.)

  • Over 200 new resources added to the database in 2020

  • Feedback incorporated from 9 regional workshops hosted virtually in September.


​Safeguarding California Plan - 2018 Update

California is leading the way on greenhouse gas emissions reductions to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, but no matter how quickly we reduce our polluting emissions, climate impacts will still occur. Many impacts – increased fires, floods, severe storms and heat waves – are occurring already and will only become more frequent and more dangerous. However, there are many things we can do to protect against climate impacts. Taking steps now to adapt to climate change will protect public health and safety, our economy and our future.

The Safeguarding California Plan: 2018 Update – California’s Climate Adaptation Strategy is the State’s roadmap for everything state agencies are doing and will do to protect communities, infrastructure, services, and the natural environment from climate change impacts. This holistic strategy primarily covers state agencies’ programmatic and policy responses across different policy areas, but it also discusses the ongoing related work to with coordinated local and regional adaptation action and developments in climate impact science.


For more information, visit the Safeguarding California and Climate Change Adaptation Policy website.



Adaptation Clearinghouse

​The Adaptation Clearinghouse is California’s centralized collection of adaptation and resilience resources intended to guide decision-makers at the state, regional, and local levels.

Fourth Climate Change Assessment

California’s Climate Change Assessments provide extensive information about climate impacts and vulnerabilities based on the latest climate change research.

Safeguarding California Plan: 2018

A roadmap of the ongoing actions and next steps currently being taken by California’s state government on climate resilience and adaptation.


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Making Climate Adaptation Planning a Local Process
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Embedding Equity in Climate Adaptation
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Communication, Collaboration, and Coalition Building for Climate Adaptation
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List of Other Past Meetings and Symposiums

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North Coast Climate Science Symposium: December 13 and Friday, December 14, 2018

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Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program, Technical Advisory Council Meeting December 7, 2018

BayCAN-Cal OES Adaptation Planning Guide Webinar December 6, 2018

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Los Angeles Region Climate Symposium: November 2, 2018

Inland Desert Region Climate Symposium: October 12, 2018

Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program, Technical Advisory Council Meeting October 12, 2018


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