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​Obligation and Payment Processes

Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) Payment Process

Applicants apply for EMGP funding with the EMPG Application form. When the Grants Processing Section receives this application, it is processed with the Applicant’s Project Budget Summary Report. The Project Budget Summary Report breaks down the amount of money the Applicant is going to spend in each program.

The Applicant then starts contributing money to these projects throughout the EMPG time period. When the Applicant has spent money in a project, then the Applicant can send in an EMPG Request for Reimbursement Form. The Applicant then will be reimbursed on a 50/50 basis. Meaning if the Applicant's Budget Summary Report states that the Applicant will spend $50,000 in a project, the Applicant then spends $50,000, then the Applicant will then be reimbursed $25,000. Applicants can send in multiple reimbursement requests, but payment on each project will not exceed the amount approved per project on the applicants Project Budget Summary Report.

If the Applicant needs to change their Project Budget Summary Report, they may submit a Budget Change Request Form to allocate awarded funds to other projects if approved. NO PAYMENT WILL BE PROCESSED WITHOUT THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS BEING ON FILE WITH Cal OES.

Required Documents:

  • EMPG Governing Body Resolution and EMPG Assurances


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