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Cybersecurity Task Force
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​California Cybersecurity Task Force Subcommittees

The California Cybersecurity Task Force is made up of seven subcommittees each created to address specific Task Force goals. These subcommittees are comprised of volunteers who have families and full-time jobs, but who are passionate about California's cybersecurity.

  1. Risk Mitigation Subcommittee

  2. Information Sharing Subcommittee

  3. Workforce Development and Education Subcommittee
  4. Economic Development Subcommittee

  5. Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee

  6. Legislation and Funding Subcommittee​

  7. High Tech and Digital Forensics Subcommittee


The California Cybersecurity Task Force consists of representatives from private industry, academia, law  enforcement, state government, and California's Federal partners. Task Force meetings occur once a quarter and are open to the public. All members of the Task Force work diligently to promote a cultu​re of cybersecurity, cyber-hygiene, and best practices where all Californians can work, play, and explore freely and safely.​ If you are a visitor, do business in California, or are a full-time California resident with concerns for your cyber well-being, please reach out to the Task Force. We are always looking for new members!



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