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California Specialized Training Institute
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​Instructions for Course Development

​The purpose for the information provided is to institutionalize a course through the Office of Grants and Training.

The process and timelines for accomplishing this task are provided in the document:
Form: Institutionalizing Non-State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) Courses Reporting Form

The first phase prior to creating course content is to contact the Governor's Office of Emergency Services California Specialized Training Institute for assistance with submitting a preliminary document to ODP for initial course concept acceptance.

Timothy Britt

The following are templates to aid in your development, but should only be considered as aids.

Course Design Document
Course Instructor Guide
Course Instructor Guide (procedure)
Course Participant Guide
Course Participant Guide (non-procedure)
Course Presentation Guide

For more information and help with course development please go to the following link:
FEMA-Training Development Center


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