Terrorism & Criminal Justice Training Program

California Specialized Training Institute
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​​Picture of CSTI Officer Safety on Range Shooting

Officer Safety & Field Tactics

One of Cal OES/CSTI's most popular courses, the Officer Safety and Field Tactics program was the first of its kind and has drawn participants from throughout the state and nation. This course is specifically designed for experienced law enforcement patrol officers, field supervisors, and academy and in-service law enforcement trainers. The course's primary purpose is to enhance and reinforce the individual officer's personal safety, tactical effectiveness and survival skills. Course participants will spend the majority of their time training in a tactical field environment, accompanied by some classroom-based orientation and skills review.

​Terrorism Program

America has been embroiled in a war against terrorism since the horrific events of September 11, 2001. Homeland security has become a primary task for all of us, testing our ingenuity and our resources. CSTI is not new to this conflict. The sources of danger change and the degree of the threat varies, but we must always remain informed and vigilant.

CSTI recognized this imperative long ago and we have offered timely, relevant counterterrorism education and training to public safety professionals for thirty years. Today's courses are as up to date as today's headlines, and our forecasts have been consistently accurate.


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