Credentialing & Certificate Programs

California Specialized Training Institute

Credentialing and Certificate Programs

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services offers professional recognition certificate and credentialing programs for emergency management and allied professionals:

1. The Specialist Certificate Program, initiated in 2008, recognizes individuals who complete a series of core courses and complete at least 72 hours of elective courses or seminars. There are three Specialist Certificates to choose from:

    • Emergency Management

    • Terrorism and Homeland Security

    • Public Information

2. The Advanced Professional Series first established on November 27, 2001, distinguishes emergency managers with substantial expertise in emergency operations and management. Completion of this series demonstrates extraordinary dedication to the goal of protecting lives, communities, and resources from disasters. Professionals who complete 5 required courses and any 5 of 15 elective courses are eligible to receive the certificate of completion.

3. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Position Credentialing Program identifies measures for competency, and documents professional qualifications, certifications, training, experience, and education requirements that define basic criteria expected of emergency services personnel serving within an emergency operations center. Working with numerous partner agencies at all levels of government within California, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services developed a comprehensive statewide credentialing program to promote elements of the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and flow into the larger effort of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Guidelines for the credentialing of personnel.


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