Recovery Operations

Administrative Services
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The Recovery Directorate is divided into two sections, the Recovery Section and the Hazard Mitigation Section. The Recovery Section is responsible for managing disaster recovery and providing assistance to local governments, special districts, certain nonprofit organizations, individuals, businesses and agricultural communities impacted by disasters. Hazard Mitigation is any action taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to human life and property from natural hazards.

For a current list of job openings available please visit the Cal HR website

  • Program Manager I, II, & II
  • Staff Service Manager I & II
  • Associate Governmental Program Analyst
  • Staff Services Analyst
  • Office Technician
  • Office Assistant
  • Associate Management Auditor
  • Auditor Evaluator II
  • Research Data Specialist II
  • Information Technology Specialist I
  • ​Senior Emergency Services Coordinator
  • Emergency Services Coordinator
  • Disaster Assistance Program         Specialist I & II
  • Senior Structural Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Associate Civil Engineer
  • Waste Management Engineer
  • Engineering Geologist
  • Senior Environmental Scientist
  • Senior Environmental Planner


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