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People sitting around a conference table with the Cal OES logo on the wall in the background​The Planning, Preparedness, and Prevention Directorate develops and maintains programs to ensure consistency in disaster planning at all levels of government and with the general public as well as providing specialized training to prepare for future emergencies. The areas of oversight include state-level planning and preparedness programs for all hazards. This directorate is comprised of the Preparedness section and the California Specialized Training Instituted.

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The Preparedness section is further broken down into Planning & Preparedness, Mitigation & Dam Safety, and Seismic Hazards. The Planning & Preparedness branch develops and maintains state-level emergency plans including; Catastrophic Disaster Plans, State Emergency Plan, State Continuity of Operation Plan, and the Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Plan. The Mitigation & Dam Safety Branch identifies risks and vulnerabilities associated with natural disasters and dam safety strategies. The Seismic Hazards Branch focuses on two of California’s major hazards, earthquakes and tsunamis, and seeks to increase awareness and preparedness; promote planning and hazard mitigation; and address warning, response, and recovery.

For a current list of job openings available please visit the Cal HR website

  • Program Manager I, II, & III
  • Associate Governmental Program Analyst
  • Senior Advisor
  • Program Technician
  • Research Specialist II
  • Research Data Specialist II
  • ​Senior Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Senior Emergency Services Coordinator
  • Emergency Services Coordinator
  • Technical Specialist II
  • Radiological Coordinator

California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI)

CSTI provides training and exercises statewide in a wide variety of topics including emergency management, public safety, criminal justice, homeland security, hazardous material, disaster recovery, and crisis communications. CSTI trains approximately 52,000 individuals on an annual basis between CSTI, and Federal/State training partners. CSTI conducts approximately 1,200 courses each year, and certifies 25,000 students.

For a current list of job openings available please visit the Cal HR website

  • Program Manager III
  • Staff Services Manger I
  • Associate Governmental Program Analyst
  • Staff Services Analyst
  • Office Technician

  • Senior Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Emergency Management Coordinator/Instructor I & II
  • Audio Visual Specialist
  • Digital Composition Specialist III
  • Maintenance Mechanic


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