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The Accounting and Purchasing Branch is responsible for processing all invoices for payment, processing travel claims, providing travel advances, setting up and monitoring of expenditure tables on CalSTARS (California State Accounting and Reporting System), purchasing, and submitting all required financial reports to the federal government. The Branch also completes and submits the Annual Financial Statements to the State Controller's Office.

The Accounting and Purchasing Branch consists of three Divisions:

Accounting Division

    • State Operations Unit

The State Operations Unit processes all non-grant claim payments such as service agreements, purchase orders, utilities and other miscellaneous invoices. This Unit also performs all reconciliations of appropriations and cash transactions and is responsible for submission of Year-End Financial Statements to the State Controller's Office.

    • Accounts Receivable and Travel Unit

The Accounts Receivable and Travel Unit processes travel expense claims, issues travel advances, and provides collection of account receivable. The Unit also administers the California Automated Travel Expense Reimbursement System (CalATERS) and Citibank government card program for the agency.

 Local Assistance and Cost Recovery Division

    • Local Assistance Unit

The Local Assistance Section is responsible for financial management of state and federal grants related to homeland security, public safety and victim services, and disaster assistance.  The Section also processes invoices for payments to sub grantees. 

    • Cost Recovery and Rates Unit


Purchasing Division

  • Procurement


  • Contracts




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