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The federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) contains specific directives for state governments for the implementation of EPCRA at the state level.  The EPCRA program as it applies to California was promulgated in the state Health and Safety Code, Title 19, and in Executive Orders.  The federal EPCRA program is implemented and administered in California by the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), a State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), six Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs), and 83 Unified Program Agencies (UPAs). Cal OES provides staff support to the SERC and the LEPCs.

The SERC directives and membership are specified in Executive Order W-40-93.

The California SERC (also known as the Chemical Emergency Planning and Response Commission (CEPRC)) oversees implementation of EPCRA in California through the following responsibilities:

  • By establishing the emergency planning districts the same as the Cal OES Mutual Aid Regions.
  • Appointing 6 LEPCs one for each planning district and supervising and coordinating their activities.
  • Establishing procedures for receiving and processing requests from the public for hazardous materials information, as administered by Cal OES and UPAs.
  • Receiving disclosure notification from facilities handling hazardous materials when they are subject to EPCRA requirements, as administered by Cal OES and UPAs. Click on the following link for Spill Notification information.
  • Notifying the U.S. EPA Administrator of facilities subject to EPCRA requirements, as administered by Cal OES.
  • Reviewing emergency response plans and make recommendations necessary to ensure coordination with emergency response plans of other emergency planning jurisdictions, as administered by Cal OES. 

 The SERC Chair is the Director of Cal OES: The SERC address is:

State Emergency Response Commission
c/o California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Hazardous Materials Section
3650 Schriever Avenue
Mather, CA  95655

(916) 845-8754

The SERC Mission is to coordinate and supervise implementation of EPCRA within California including federal programs to prevent, mitigate, and enhance response to hazardous material emergencies and ensure public availability of appropriate chemical information as prescribed by law.



The federal equivalent to the Business Plan program is the EPCRA 311/312 reporting requirements. Owners and operators are required to prepare and have available Safety Data Sheets (SDS) under the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard and must submit an inventory of their hazardous chemicals to the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), Local Emergency Preparedness Committee (LEPC), and the local fire department annually on March 1st. This requirement is achieved through compliance with the Business Plan program. Contact your local CUPA for compliance and questions.


SERC Contact Information

Fred Mehr, Senior Emergency Services Coordinator

Hazardous Materials Section

Phone: (916) 845-8754 / FAX: (916) 845-8734  

​SERC Documents



Bagley-Keene Act 2004 Act 2004A guide to the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act of 2004. This act covers all boards and commissions - 2004HazMat - SERC6/17/2019 4:16:24 PM
Cal OES Community Right-to-Know (CRtK) Guide OES Community Right-to-Know (CRtK) GuideA booklet intended to assist the public with learning about what CRtK laws are and how they can benefit from them - February 2012HazMat - SERC6/17/2019 4:17:28 PM
Cal OES LEPC Regions Map OES LEPC Regions MapMap of California showing the LEPC, Administrative, and Mutual Aid regions - November 2014HazMat - SERC6/17/2019 4:16:52 PM
Executive Order 13650 13560 Fact Sheet-20140606.pdfExecutive Order 13650Executive Order 13650 - Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security signed by President Obama on August 1, 2013.HazMat - SERC6/17/2019 4:17:34 PM
Executive Order 13650 - U.S. EPA Status Report 13650 EPA Actions RMs June 2014.pdfExecutive Order 13650 - U.S. EPA Status ReportU.S. EPA Status Report to the President un Executive Order 13650 - Improving Chemical Facility Safety & Security - June 2014HazMat - SERC6/17/2019 4:17:34 PM
Executive Order 13650 - Final Report 13650 Final Chemical Status Report.pdfExecutive Order 13650 - Final ReportExecutive Order 13650 - Actions to improve chemical facility safety and security - Final report to the President HazMat - SERC12/16/2019 6:42:43 PM
Executive Order D-63-87 Order D-63-87.pdfExecutive Order D-63-87Executive Order D-63-87 that establishes a Chemical Emergency Planning and Response Commission for the purpose of implementing the federal SARA Title III program. Signed by California Governor Deukmejian on March 20, 1987HazMat - SERC6/17/2019 4:17:34 PM
Executive Order W-40-93 Order W-40-93.pdfExecutive Order W-40-93Executive Order W-40-93 - Establishes a SERC that coordinates and supervises implementation of federal EPCRA within California. Signed by Governor Wilson on January 26, 1993.HazMat - SERC6/17/2019 4:17:34 PM
SERC Mission Statement Mission Statement 20001113.pdfSERC Mission StatementState Emergency Response Commission (SERC) Mission Statement adopted on November 13, 2000HazMat - SERC6/17/2019 4:18:32 PM
CSTI Haz Mat Update May 2016 Haz Mat Update May 2016.pdfCSTI Haz Mat Update May 2016HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201605186/17/2019 4:17:28 PM
DART Assessment Recovery TeamsHazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201605186/17/2019 4:17:31 PM
SERC Agenda 05182016 Agenda 05182016.pdfSERC Agenda 05182016HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201605186/17/2019 4:18:28 PM
SERC Meeting 05182016 Exhibit - 1 - SERC Meeting Minutess Draft V1.0 012716 Meeting 05182016 Exhibit - 1 - SERC Meeting Minutess Draft V1.0 012716.pdfSERC Meeting 05182016 Exhibit - 1 - SERC Meeting Minutess Draft V1.0 012716HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201605186/17/2019 4:18:29 PM
SERC Meeting Draft Minutes V1.4 20160518 Meeting Draft Minutes V1.4 20160518.pdfSERC Meeting Draft Minutes V1.4 20160518HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201605186/17/2019 4:18:30 PM
SERC Meeting Minutes Approved 051816 Meeting Minutes Approved 051816.pdfSERC Meeting Minutes Approved 051816HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201605186/17/2019 4:18:32 PM
USEPA Final EO13650 SERC Final EO13650 SERC.pdfUSEPA Final EO13650 SERCHazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201605186/17/2019 4:18:48 PM
CSTI HMEP Funded Courses 3 Year Plan 2016-18 for Cont Challenge Mtg HMEP Funded Courses 3 Year Plan 2016-18 for Cont Challenge Mtg.pdfCSTI HMEP Funded Courses 3 Year Plan 2016-18 for Cont Challenge Mtg HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201610266/17/2019 4:17:29 PM
CSTI Haz Mat Classes HMBR and HMEP Version III Sept 2016 (2) Haz Mat Classes HMBR and HMEP Version III Sept 2016 (2).pdfCSTI Haz Mat Classes HMBR and HMEP Version III Sept 2016 (2)HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201610266/17/2019 4:17:28 PM
HMEP Update_SERC_Oct262016 (2) Version 2 Update_SERC_Oct262016 (2) Version 2.pdfHMEP Update_SERC_Oct262016 (2) Version 2HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201610266/17/2019 4:17:58 PM
Maywood Fire 6-14-16.Final Fire 6-14-16.Final.pdfMaywood Fire 6-14-16.FinalHazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201610266/17/2019 4:18:04 PM
SERC Agenda 10262016 V1.1 Agenda 10262016 V1.1.pdfSERC Agenda 10262016 V1.1HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201610266/17/2019 4:18:28 PM
SERC Meeting Draft Minutes Version 1.4 20160518 Meeting Draft Minutes Version 1.4 20160518.pdfSERC Meeting Draft Minutes Version 1.4 20160518HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201610266/17/2019 4:18:31 PM
USEPA Oct 2016 update Oct 2016 update.pdfUSEPA Oct 2016 updateHazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201610266/17/2019 4:18:49 PM
Fruitland SERC Presentation SERC Presentation.pdfFruitland SERC PresentationHazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201703296/17/2019 4:17:36 PM
SERC Meeting Draft Minutes 102616 - V1.0 Meeting Draft Minutes 102616 - V1.0.pdfSERC Meeting Draft Minutes 102616 - V1.0HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201703296/17/2019 4:18:29 PM
SERC Meeting Draft Minutes V1.4 51816 Meeting Draft Minutes V1.4 51816.pdfSERC Meeting Draft Minutes V1.4 51816HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201703296/17/2019 4:18:30 PM
SERC Meeting Notes Draft 3.29.17 V2 Meeting Notes Draft 3.29.17 V2.pdfSERC Meeting Notes Draft 3.29.17 V2HazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201703296/17/2019 4:18:32 PM
Vallejo Odors and Phillips 66 Oil Sheen Unified Odors and Phillips 66 Oil Sheen Unified.pdfVallejo Odors and Phillips 66 Oil Sheen UnifiedHazMat - SERC - Meetings - 201703296/17/2019 4:18:49 PM


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