Hazardous Material Commodity Flow Map

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Conducting Commodity Flow Studies (CFS) that examine the HazMat Shipments and their associated hazards moving along the State's transportation system contain critical information for improving HazMat emergency response capabilities and life safety. Sharing that information with the emergency response community can benefit all.

California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) created this webpage to:

  • Determine were CFS have been completed and where they are needed
  • Build a mechanism to share CFS with local emergency responders and planners
  • Assist local jurisdictions in determining the HazMat risks within their communities
  • Assist local jurisdictions in improving their HazMat emergency response capabilities
  • Facilitate Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Grants for eligible agencies to conduct CFS


This webpage displays:

  • Icons on a map of California representing locations where CFS were conducted by jurisdictions throughout the state
  • CFS brief summaries, including abstract and contact information, while hovering your cursor over the icons

Jurisdictions throughout the state voluntarily provided the CFS information to Cal OES for inclusion on this webpage. Request to add your jurisdiction's CFS information to this webpage.

Legal Disclaimer

The submission and webpage display of Commodity Flow Studies (CFS) information does not create within Cal OES any obligations or ownership rights to this information. This webpage does not include CFS information from all jurisdictions.

This webpage may not display the most recent information available. The State of California makes no representations and/or warranties of any kind, express or implied, and assumes no liability for omissions or errors contained on this webpage. The displayed map and CFS summaries do not constitute a legal document and do not meet disclosure requirements for real estate transactions or any other regulatory purpose.

For more information about a particular jurisdiction’s CFS, click on the link below to access the map that contains contact information and CFS summaries for the individuals and/or agencies who maintain this information. The map contains ‘pins’ for each individual and/or agency who maintain CFS information. 

I agree with this legal disclaimer; click to view the map of California and the CFS summaries

Contact Information

Brian Mancebo, Senior Emergency Services Coordinator
Hazardous Materials
Phone: (916) 845-8292
Email: brian.mancebo@caloes.ca.gov  


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