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2020-21 Victim Services Information and Enhancement (VI) Program RFAThe purpose of the VI Program to examine and respond to the various needs of crime victims and ensure that inmates, parolees, correctional staff, and the public recognize and understand the impact of crime on victims. Victim services provided by project staff include: notifying victims of the whereabouts of offenders and circumstances of the case, counseling, and education regarding victim’s rights, and assistance in preparing victim impact statements.Criminal Justice Programs$370,800372
2020-21 Victim Notification (VT) Program RFAThe purpose of the VT Program is to implement a system whereby crime victims will be provided with timely information about a defendant’s appeal.Criminal Justice Programs$321,360373
2020-21 California Victim Witness Advocate Training (TP) Program RFAThe purpose of the TP Program is to design curriculum and provide high-quality, statewide training to Victim Witness (VW) Program Advocates, Unserved/Underserved Victim Advocacy and Outreach (UV) Program Advocates, and additional advocate/allied agencies. Victim Witness Programs$650,000369
2020-21 Probation Specialized Units (PU) Program RFAThe purpose of the PU Program is to support specialized units within probation departments in California to provide focused supervision, through a reduced caseload, to probationers of crime involving domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and/or stalking.Victim Witness Grants$477,263370
2020-21 Specialized Emergency Housing (KE) Program RFAThe purpose of the KE Program is to maintain and expand emergency shelter and emergency housing assistance resources in California, providing specialized services for victims of crime.RFA$9,679,717368



VSPS Branch Federal Fund Information Guide Branch Federal Fund Information Guide.docxVSPS Branch Federal Fund Information GuideRequest for Proposal (RFP) Process/Overview10/16/2019 11:28:08 PM
Cal OES RFP Overview OES RFP Overview rev 080117.pdfCal OES RFP OverviewRequest for Proposal (RFP) Process/Overview2/21/2020 11:43:11 PM
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