September is National Preparedness Month!

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California's Preparedness Day

Thank you to everyone who participated or attended California's Preparedness Day on Saturday, September 8th, 2018, in Old Sacramento. The event was a huge success and was great to see how many Californians are taking steps to prepare for the next disaster or emergency. Our event featured emergency preparedness activities as well as a variety of disaster readiness demonstrations including watch water rescues, a jaws of life demonstration as well as search and rescue dogs in action – all in the spirit of becoming a more prepared California.

Prep Day Volunteers 2018

​​​Now is the Time to Prepare for a Disaster!

​​National Preparedness Month serves as a reminder that we all must take action to prepare, now and througho​ut the year, for the types of emergencies that could affect us where we live, work, and also where we visit. 

Whether it's September or any other month of the year, disaster can strike at any time without warning. Cal OES encourages all Californians to be prepared for when - not if - the next emergency will occur. How prepared are you?


Infórmese. Qué hacer antes, durante y d​espués de una emergencia.​ en Español​​​

Recent disasters bring to mind the need for all of us to be prepared. While it is unlikely that a devastating hurricane will ever strike the Golden State, California faces the threat of other natural disasters. Past events have shown that earthquakes, wildfires, and flooding can have devastating effects on life and property in our communities.

With the types of disasters that threaten our state, one might wonder why anyone would not want be prepared. However, for whatever the reasons, the reality is many people come up with a lot of excuses for not preparing. Below are just some of the excuses people have used that when looked at more closely may cause one to rethink. Find out more here!

Participate. Get Engaged!

While California and earthquakes are usually paired together, California is prone to other natural disasters such as floods, landslides, wildfires, and an occasional tornado. So preparing for these disasters is just as important. And I bet you have at least one loved one that does live near one of the many of fault lines on the West Coast! Homeowners’ insurance policies usually do not cover events like floods or earthquakes. They are separate specific policies that must be purchased. Besides it is the first 24 to 48 hours one should prepare for and it may take time for insurance companies to respond. In some cases, it could take the government days or maybe even weeks to arrive to assist victims. Agencies such as FEMA, the American Red Cross, and others may be able to provide some essential supplies to victims, but then they may have difficulty getting those supplies to the victims.

Keep an eye out for some events where organizations are giving away first aid kits. This is a great way to start preparing and gradually increase your supplies in small steps. Some cans of food, some water, batteries, etc. You’ll be how fast you survival kit grows. You can even make it a fun occasion and invite family or friends over to participate.

Watch and Learn, Preparedness in Action

​10 Ways to Be Prepared

Preparedness is something you can practice with your family!
Cal OES has tips, tricks, brochures and videos to help you learn what you can do around your home to ensure that you are ready for anything!
Our office is delegated by the Governor to support and enhance all phases of emergency management which include Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Mitigation. The Planning and Preparedness Division identifies a number of plans, guidance materials, support information, points of reference, and other materials to assist in development of a successful all-encompassing preparedness program.
Visit the 10 Ways to Be Prepared​​ and get ready with us!
Visite al 10 Maneras de Estar Preparados​​​ y prepárate con nosotros!​​​

California Earthquake Preparedness Survey (CEPS)

In 2008, the California Earthquake Preparedness Survey (CEPS) was conducted by the UCLA School of Public Health and Survey Research Center for the State of California. The objective was to provide baseline data describing how prepared California households are for earthquakes and where they get their information about preparedness and mitigation. Check out the following links to see the findings



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California Earthquake Preparedness Study Findings Earthquake Preparedness Study FindingsEarthquake Preparedness Resources4/20/2020 5:23:31 PM
Get Ready Pyramid Ready PyramidEarthquake Preparedness Resources4/20/2020 4:36:12 PM

Google Crisis Response

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Harness the power of technology in times of crisis. We have seen that people turn to the internet in times of crisis. See how simple technology tools can help you to prepare for a crisis, and to communicate, collaborate, and find relevant information during a disaster.

Preparedness Additional Resources


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