Cyber Security Awareness Month

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month which is an annual campaign to raise awareness about cybersecurity. We live in a world that is more connected than ever before. The Internet touches almost all aspects of everyone’s daily life, whether we realize it or not.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is designed to engage and educate public and private sector about cybersecurity, by providing them with tools and resources needed to stay safe online, and increase the resiliency of the Nation in the event of a cyber incident.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October 2020

With Californians relying on virtual participation at work, school and in so many other aspects of daily life during these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever that we protect our privacy and safety by making cybersecurity a priority. Enhancing our collective cybersecurity efforts is also imperative for safeguarding the state's critical infrastructure, the intellectual property of our businesses and educational institutions, and our status as one of the world's leading economies.

California is taking action to build a more secure cyber environment for businesses, critical infrastructure, government and individuals. The state budget this year dedicated $2.7 million in funding to support the Secretary of State's efforts in identifying and mitigating cybersecurity risks associated with voting and other sensitive information technology systems. An additional $11.l million was provided to the Office of Emergency Services and other agencies to enhance the state's critical cybersecurity infrastructure. These investments will provide a full-time Joint Incident Response Team to bolster the state's ability to prevent, mitigate and respond to cyberattacks.

During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, California is joining with other states, the federal government, academic institutions, private sector partners and the National Cyber Security Alliance to encourage a whole-of-community approach to cybersecuritr, with a campaign themed "Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart" urging each of us to implement digital privacy and security best practices.

I encourage all Californians to recognize the importance of this shared responsibility and to learn about steps we can take to stay safe online at



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