California Freeze Plan

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​Prepare for Freeze Emergencies

California may experience freeze conditions at any time during the winter. The most recent severe experience was in January 2007 and affected several areas of California. There were areas receiving snow that rarely experience this weather pattern such as the cities of San Bernardino, Malibu and West Los Angeles. The snow level dropped close to sea level during this cold weather period. In addition to this rare snowfall, there were periods without precipitation and temperature records were set throughout California with lows of 36 in downtown Los Angeles, 35 in San Diego, and 21 in the central valley city of Los Banos.

The San Joaquin Valley is the largest citrus producing region in the United States, and the production of these fruits was adversely affected by the freezing weather. The cold-sensitive agriculture that grow in this area such as oranges, lemons, avocados, and flowers were greatly damaged due to the cold and an estimated 75% of the nation's citrus crop had been destroyed during this freeze event.

A comprehensive contingency plan is important in protecting life and property. The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services Freeze Contingency Plan is available for review.
"California Freeze Plan"


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