Backyard Pool Survival

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​Public Service Announcement

Deadly Silence: Are You Listening?

54* children five and younger die, on average, every year in California’s backyard pools. Imagine – that’s two kindergarten classrooms full of kids. It’s a silent killer because most often no one hears the child slip into the water that claims their life. No one ever wants that kind of tragedy to strike so that's why Cal OES is partnering with response agencies around the state to get this life saving message out, a reminder to anyone with a pool -- Are You Listening? 

On June 16, 2017, Cal OES and the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District are launched the statewide public service announcement video campaign that features a Sacramento boy and his grandmother. The boy was only a year-and-a-half old when he nearly drowned had it not been for the calm and quick efforts of his grandmother and first responders. The boy, his grandmother and mother are all planning to be at the event to share their message of safety.


(*Source: CDPH)


​Media Contacts



Shawn Boyd

Public Information Officer

(916) 845-8456


Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District

Christopher Vestal

Public Information Officer

Community Relations Division

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District

(916) 859-4589



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