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​Below are the key dates for your BRIC and FMA sub-applications.

June-July 2021: Anticipated FEMA accouncements on selected projects.

August 2021: Expected NOFO for BRIC/FMA 2021.
Here is the link to the FEMA GO portal.

BRIC 2020 NOFO / FMA 2020 NOFO

Cal OES BRIC and FMA Flyer


Please review the following for scoring criteria used by FEMA:


BRIC Technical Criteria       BRIC Qualitative Criteria

NOI Salesforce Quick Start Guide


Other resources: FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance Guidance

Submit questions to:

Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC)

Authorized by Section 203 of the Stafford Act, Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) will support states, local communities, tribes and territories as they undertake hazard mitigation projects, reducing the risks they face from disasters and natural hazards. BRIC is a new FEMA pre-disaster hazard mitigation program that replaces the existing Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) program.

The Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) program aims to categorically shift the federal focus away from reactive disaster spending and toward research-supported, proactive investment in community resilience. FEMA anticipates BRIC funding projects that demonstrate innovative approaches to partnerships, such as shared funding mechanisms, and/or project design. For example, an innovative project may bring multiple funding sources or in-kind resources from a range of private and public sector stakeholders or offer multiple benefits to a community in addition to the benefit of risk reduction. For more information on the BRIC program, please see the BRIC Fact Sheet below.

Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) 

FMA is authorized by Section1366 of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, as amended (NFIA), 42 U.S.C. 4104c, with the goal of reducing or eliminating claims under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). FMA was created as part of the National Flood Insurance Reform Act (NFIRA) of 1994. The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Act of 2012 (Public Law 112-141) consolidated the Repetitive Flood Loss and Severe Repetitive Loss grant programs into FMA. FMA funding is available through the National Flood Insurance Fund (NFIF) for flood hazard mitigation projects as well as plan development and is appropriated by Congress. For more information on the FMA program please see the 2015 HMA Guidance below.

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funds plans and projects that reduce the effects of future natural disasters. In California, these funds are administered by the Cal OES HMGP Unit. Eligible subapplicants include state agencies, local governments, special districts, and some private non-profits. For more information about this program please visit our HMGP webpage.

Photo of damaged building
Photo of damaged building

Current Funding Opportunity

BRIC 2020 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

BRIC 2020 Fact Sheet

Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) Fact Sheet


FMA 2020 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)


FMA 2020 Fact Sheet

Flood Mitigation Assistance Fact Sheet

Procurement Guidance Documents:

Important Procurement Information: FEMA declarations and awards issued on or after November 12, 2020 are subject to major revisions to the federal procurement rules found at 2 C.F.R §§ 200.317 - 200.327 as well as a new provision at 2 C.F.R. § 200.216 effective August 13, 2020 for new, renewed, or extended procurements under all open declarations or awards. 

 FEMA Purchasing Under A FEMA Award: OBM REVISIONS 2020

 FEMA Procurement Guidance Document Library

 Hazard Mitigation Assistance Procurement Standards – Job Aid

 Top 10 Procurement Mistakes (flyer)

 How to Avoid Top 10 Procurement Mistakes

 Using Contract Support for the Development of Hazard Mitigation Assistance Applications – Job Aid

 FEMA Grants Procurement Guidance – Contracting with Federal Funds for Goods and Services Before, During and After Disasters



BCA for Acquisition/Demolition and Relocation Projects OES NOI_BCA requirements_073120_flood acq + demo + reloc_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Acquisition/Demolition and Relocation ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/28/2020 6:01:44 PM
BCA for Drainage Improvement Projects OES NOI_BCA requirements_073120_flood drainage_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Drainage Improvement ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/28/2020 6:01:59 PM
BCA for Drought Projects OES NOI_BCA requirements_073120_drought_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Drought ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/28/2020 6:01:16 PM
BCA for Elevation Projects NOI_BCA requirements_073120_flood elevation_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Elevation ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/11/2020 8:21:44 PM
BCA for Floodproofing Projects NOI_BCA requirements_073120_flood floodproof_final + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Floodproofing ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/11/2020 8:21:50 PM
BCA for Generator Projects NOI_BCA requirements_073120_generators_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Generator ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/11/2020 8:22:04 PM
BCA for Landslide Mitigation and Slope Stabilization Projects NOI_BCA requirements_073120_landslide and slope failure_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Landslide Mitigation and Slope Stabilization ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/11/2020 8:22:13 PM
BCA for Mitigation Reconstruction Projects NOI_BCA requirements_073120_mit recon_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Mitigation Reconstruction ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/11/2020 8:22:20 PM
BCA for Safe Room Projects NOI_BCA requirements_073120_safe rooms_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Safe Room ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/11/2020 8:22:46 PM
BCA for Seismic Infrastructure Mitigation Projects NOI_BCA requirements_073120_seismic infrastructure_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Seismic Infrastructure Mitigation ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/11/2020 8:22:59 PM
BCA for Seismic Non-Structural Projects NOI_BCA requirements_073120_seismic nonstructural_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Seismic Non-Structural ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/11/2020 8:23:10 PM
BCA for Seismic Structural Retrofit Projects NOI_BCA requirements_073120_seismic structural_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Seismic Structural Retrofit ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/11/2020 8:23:22 PM
BCA for Tsunami Vertical Evacuation Projects NOI_BCA requirements_073120_vertical evacuation tower_final draft + ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Tsunami Vertical Evacuation ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis9/14/2020 11:04:16 PM
BCA for Wildfire Projects NOI_BCA requirements_073120_wildfire_final draft +ADA Compliant.pdfBCA for Wildfire ProjectsBenefit Cost Analysis1/29/2021 10:04:50 PM
Advance Reimbursement Request for Grant Expenditures Reimbursement Request for Grant Expenditures + ADA Compliant.pdfAdvance Reimbursement Request for Grant ExpendituresPost Obligation Documents9/21/2020 10:21:24 PM
Applicant Agent Resolution FMA - SRL Agent Resolution FMA SRL + ADA Compliant.pdfApplicant Agent Resolution FMA - SRLPost Obligation Documents9/28/2020 5:51:57 PM
Applicant Agent Resolution HMGP - BRIC Agent Resolution HMGP - BRIC + ADA Compliant.pdfApplicant Agent Resolution HMGP - BRICPost Obligation Documents9/24/2020 7:27:18 PM
Project Assurances for Federal Assistance CalOES 89 Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs CalOES 89 rev. 9-21-20 + ADA Compliant.pdfProject Assurances for Federal Assistance CalOES 89Post Obligation Documents4/13/2021 10:01:57 PM
Grant Administration Procedures Administration Procedures + ADA Compliant.doc.pdfGrant Administration ProceduresPost Obligation Documents9/11/2020 9:15:55 PM
Quarterly Report Template Report Template April 21.pdfQuarterly Report TemplatePost Obligation Documents6/2/2021 8:41:54 PM
Reimbursement Request Form - Cal OES 400 Request Fillable Form + ADA Compliant.pdfReimbursement Request Form - Cal OES 400Post Obligation Documents12/16/2020 8:38:16 PM
2020 BRIC FMA Webinar Presentation 2020 BRIC FMA Webinar Presentation EW-JW-WB + ADA Compliant.pdf2020 BRIC FMA Webinar PresentationSubapplication Documents12/16/2020 10:54:31 PM
2020 BRIC & FMA BCA Webinar 2020 BRIC FMA BCA Webinar + ADA Compliant.pdf2020 BRIC & FMA BCA WebinarSubapplication Documents12/3/2020 5:56:51 PM
Certification Lobbying, Debarment... Previously Known as FF 20-16c Now Form 112-0-3C Lobbying Form 112-0-3C.pdfCertification Lobbying, Debarment... Previously Known as FF 20-16c Now Form 112-0-3CSubapplication Documents12/3/2020 5:57:19 PM
Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Instructions of Lobbying Activities Instructions + ADA Compliant.pdfDisclosure of Lobbying Activities InstructionsSubapplication Documents12/3/2020 5:57:48 PM
Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Instructions - OMB 4040-0013 - Expires 02-28-22 of Lobbying Activities Instructions - OMB 4040-0013 - Expires 02-28-22.pdfDisclosure of Lobbying Activities Instructions - OMB 4040-0013 - Expires 02-28-22Subapplication Documents12/3/2020 5:57:36 PM
FEMA EHP Checklist EHP Checklist + ADA Compliant.docxFEMA EHP ChecklistSubapplication Documents12/3/2020 5:58:02 PM
Sample Local Match Commitment Letter Match Commitment Letter + ADA Compliant.docxSample Local Match Commitment LetterSubapplication Documents12/3/2020 5:58:30 PM
Sample Match Commitment Letter Match Commitment Letter + ADA Compliant.pdfSample Match Commitment LetterSubapplication Documents12/3/2020 5:58:45 PM

​​The above post obligation documents are required once a mitigation sub-award is obligated. In order to receive payment, all sub-recipients must have these documents on file with Cal OES Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Branch. For additional information about BRIC, PDM, or FMA, email them to


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