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2018-19 Supervised Visitation (SP) Program RFPThe purpose of the SP Program is to support visitation and safe exchange options for families with a history of domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, and sexual abuse, as a direct service to victims of crime.Victim Witness Programs$200,000268
2018-19 Homeless Youth Innovative Services (HI) Program RFP - Santa Clara CountyCalifornia has the second highest rate of unsheltered homeless youth in the nation, and the number is growing. Nearly 38% of all homeless youth in the United States are living in California without a safe place to call home; yet, two-thirds of the State’s counties lack even basic services for homeless youth, such as shelter, much less proven long-term programs that would permanently address homelessness for youth. Federal funding for homeless youth has remained flat for over a decade, and dedicated state funding barely scratches the surface of the problem. Homeless Youth Programs$250,000266
2019-20 Training on Prosecution of Physical and Sexual Abuse of Children (PX) Program RFAThe purpose of the PX Program is to provide training for county counsels and criminal prosecutors regarding prosecution of child physical and sexual abuse cases.Victim/Witness Programs$65,000267
2018-19 Human Trafficking Victim Assistance (HV) Program RFAThe purpose of the HV Program is to help human trafficking victims recover from the trauma they experienced and assist with reintegration into society through the provision of comprehensive safety and supportive services using a trauma-informed, victim-centered approach.Human Trafficking Programs$10,000,000265
2018-19 Child Abduction Training (AC) Program RFAThe purpose of the AC Program is to collaborate with the Child Abduction Task Force to provide statewide training to multidisciplinary professionals within the child abduction field. The AC Program also manages the Child Abduction Task Force website by keeping it updated with training information and relevant resources about child abduction.Children's Programs$145,000264



VSPS Branch Federal Fund Information Guide Branch Federal Fund Information Guide.docxVSPS Branch Federal Fund Information GuideRequest for Proposal (RFP) Process/Overview9/11/2018 6:16:57 PM
Cal OES RFP Overview OES RFP Overview rev 080117.pdfCal OES RFP OverviewRequest for Proposal (RFP) Process/Overview9/27/2017 9:14:11 PM
RFP Overview Webinar Q and As.pdfRFP OverviewRequest for Proposal (RFP) Process/Overview9/27/2017 9:17:30 PM


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