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Hazardous Materials Outreach Training Program

Picture of HazMat crew​Cal OES/ CSTI manage a very successful Hazmat outreach training program which includes 1,201 courses last year and 22,057 persons trained. Most of our Hazmat courses have received Department of Homeland Security approval for the use of Homeland Security Grant Funds.

CSTI Outreach Instructors have successfully completed training in the Institute’s Instructor Certification Course. Outreach Instructors deliver hundreds of courses per year to thousands of first responders in municipal and governmental organizations, private industry, and the military. From First Responder Awareness to Hazardous Materials Specialist, students acquire the skills needed to save lives and protect both the environment and property.

This site provides resources for those who have been state certified as Hazardous Materials Outreach Instructors: 

Hazardous Materials Outreach Forms, Curriculum and Support Material

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If you have any questions you can contact: HMoutreach@caloes.ca.gov

Program Information

 How To Become a Certified Hazardous Materials Outreach Instructor

Government Code Section 8574.19 - 8574.23

California Code of Regulations

Refresher Training Requirements

To obtain graphics of DOT placards and GHS pictograms for use in presentations and materials follow these links:
DOT placards
GHS pictograms

Diurnal Differences in Isolation and Protective Action Distances in the DOT ERG. Find out why the recommended distances are longer at night. If you have any questions or suggestions contact Vance Bennett at vance.bennett@caloes.ca.gov (805)-594-2111

Need Certificate Copies, Wallet Cards, Technician or Specialist Certificates?

Contact the HM Outreach Coordinator at (805) 549-3404

Training Video Links:

Emergency Management Outreach Training Program

This site provides resources for those who have been state certified as an Emergency Management Outreach Instructor in one or all of the following courses/exercises:

Certified Emergency Management Outreach Instructor Requirements

Emergency Management Outreach Forms, Curriculum and Support Material

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If you have any questions or contents, or need FTP access to our materials you can contact: EMoutreach.coordinator@caloes.ca.gov

​Outreach Program Regulations

2008 Regulations


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