Training Support & Compliance

California Specialized Training Institute
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The responsibility of the Training, Support, and Compliance Section is to ensure CSTI Curriculum is up to date, relevant, and forward thinking to meet the needs of the Emergency Management, Hazardous Materials, and Criminal Justice community. The section responsibility includes supporting the Emergency Management and Hazardous Materials Outreach Instructors in terms of curriculum, evaluation, and certification processes. In addition the section has responsibility to develop career development pathways related to EOC Section/Position Credentialing and Specialists certification.

Overall Responsibility Include the following:

  • Development
  • Curricula review, evaluation, and updates
  • Evaluation of existing courses include Outreach Courses
  • Training Trends and Needs
  • Certification of Outreach Instructors
  • Support Outreach Instructors (Curriculum, Certification, and Process)
  • EOC Section/Position Credentialing
  • Specialists Certification



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