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2021-22 Supervised Visitation (SP) Program RFAThe purpose of the SP Program is to assure the safety and protection of children by supporting professional providers who supervise visitation of children with a noncustodial party where there is a history or allegations of domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, or sexual abuse.Victims/Witness Program$2,622,788498
2021-22 Emerging Family Justice Center (FE) Program RFPThe purpose of the FE Program is to support emerging Family Justice Centers (FJCs) to meet the criteria defined in California Penal Code § 13750.Criminal Justice Programs$1,100,000490
2021-22 Family Justice Center (FJ) Program RFAThe purpose of the FJ Program is to support fully operational multiagency, multidisciplinary Family Justice Centers (FJCs) pursuant to California Penal Code § 13750-13751.Criminal Justice Programs$9,400,000491
2021-22 Human Trafficking Victim Assistance (HV) Program RFPThe purpose of the HV Program is to help human trafficking victims (both sex and labor trafficking) recover from the trauma they experienced and assist with reintegration into society through the provision of comprehensive safety and supportive services including, but not limited to, housing assistance, counseling services, and other social services, using a trauma-informed, victim-centered approach.Human Trafficking Programs$20,000,000501
2021-22 Gun Violence Restraining Order Training (GS) Program RFAThe purpose of the GS Program is to provide gun violence restraining order training statewide.Victim's Services$1,000,000502



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