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2019-20 Campus Sexual Assault (CT) Program RFPThe purpose of the CT Program is to create a comprehensive coordinated community response that is victim-centered, enhances victim safety (regardless if they report the crime to law enforcement or other investigatory bodies), provides confidential services to sexual assault victims, holds offenders accountable, and incudes outreach activities. Sexual Assault Programs$3,800,000288
2019-20 Native American Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (DS) Program RFAThe DS Program is to provide supportive services to Native American women, and their children, who are victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Supportive services may include: shelter, counseling, court accompaniment, and advocacy. Unserved Progress Reports$813,000309
2019-20 Trauma-Informed Care and Brain Science Principles (TQ) Program RFAThe purpose of the TQ Program is to provide comprehensive web-based training on trauma-informed approaches and brain science principles to various professional disciplines that handle child abuse cases or work with children who have been traumatized by abuse. The training is focused on reducing trauma to victims of child abuse and their families.Children's Programs$200,000308
2019-20 Farmworker Women's Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence (FW) Program RFAThe FW Program develops and implements program activities aimed at addressing and impacting the issues of sexual assault and domestic violence among monolingual and bilingual Spanish-speaking and low-income farmworker women.Unserved Progress Reports$270,000310
2019-20 Transitional Housing (XH) Program RFAThe purpose of the XH Program is to create and/or enhance transitional housing for crime victims. The Program will support transitional housing, short-term housing assistance, and supportive services, including follow-up services that move victims of crime into permanent housing. Successful transitional housing programs provide a range of optional supportive services and let victims choose the course that best fits their needs.RFA$18,000,000294



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